Test of the Philips HD4686 Pure Essentials Collection electric kettle

Advantages: simple and logical control, the most convenient in the test cord length adjustment system, the overall ergonomic design, temperature performance meets the stated specifications, excellent price-performance ratio.

Disadvantages: too complex design of the filter: it can only be replaced by the same filter, and this can be difficult.

Electric kettles

POWER: 2000-2400 Watt.

capacity: 1,5 l.

OPPORTUNITIES: Boiling water, water heating to 40, 60, 80, 100 ° C, to maintain the set temperature.

Complete with: kettle and instructions.

WEIGHT: 1010g.

DIMENSIONS: 15 cm diameter, 24 cm high.

WARRANTY: 2 years.



jug. Plastic, brushed stainless steel finish, very beautiful. For the test we were given a device with a large white sticker with the brand name. Other teapots do not have it. Can be rotated by 360° on the base.

Scale:. Clear, wide, transparent – so much so that we could see through it and read the thermometer dipped into the kettle of course, we double-checked it later .

Stand. Made of brushed stainless steel and plastic, has a non-slip base and an original device for adjusting the length of the cord: an internal closed zone where the cord is hidden if you rotate the middle of the supply, where the contact is.

The lid. Can be removed by the handle and put back in its grooves. It can be set only in one position and, so that it does not open when pouring water into the kettle, fix it by turning 0.5 cm for clarity, it has inscriptions “Open” and “Closed” in English .

Handle. With a rubberized sleeve to prevent slipping, wide, rounded and very comfortable. The “start button” is located at the top of it and gets right under your thumb.

Nose. Optimized size and shape to prevent drips from dripping inside the jug.

Scale filter. “Triple limescale filter” consists of a cassette with a thin nylon filter and a “basket” with steel mesh that is put on it. Easy to remove and disassemble, easy to assemble and reassemble.


This model has a logical, well-thought-out and clear control system: under 4 positions of temperature modes there are light indicators that light up when you select a mode and it works – heating and keeping warm.

Two separate buttons are used to select the heating temperature and to enable the keep warm function. After selecting the temperature, when corresponding indicator light is on, press “Start” button. During heating the water temperature is indicated by the lit indicators.

An acoustic signal sounds when heating is complete. The only disadvantage: the inscriptions “Select temperature” and “Keep hot” on the buttons – in English.


Heating. When operating at 40 and 60 degrees Celsius, the kettle did not reach the temperature: the water heated to 37 and 56 degrees, respectively. But when we chose 80 degree C temperature mode the water got up to 83 degree. Of course, it is not brilliant, but because there is a fairly large step between modes – as much as 20 ° C, then perhaps, “underflight” or “flight” of 3-4 degrees does not play a big role, and the manufacturer in the manual says the norm within ± 5 ° C.

Temperature maintenance. In this model, we tested the kettle’s ability to keep water hot when it reached 80 ° C. From time to time the kettle heated up the water – it was audible. After 30 minutes the beep sounded and the indicator light went out. At this point it was measured: 76°C.

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