Test of the Moulinex HV8 ME645 multi-purpose meat grinder

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The device works very quickly, a little twirl and that’s all, it’s ready – go ahead. The nozzles are easy to clean, without bigotry on the part of the hostess. The slices are very fine and small, you can say it’s a classic size

Small appliances for the kitchen

Very complex assembly of the cone-shaped housing – it takes a while to figure out what to screw in and screw out. And here is another problem: this device wants to cut only raw potatoes, but converts boiled potatoes into mashed potatoes.

Small appliances for the kitchen

POWER: 2000 Watt.

MODES: 1 speed, reversing function auger reversing .

3 accessories for chopping slicing, shredding, grinding , 2 removable grids for stuffing with a hole diameter of 4.7 and 7.5 mm, metal feed tray, nozzles “kebbe” and “homemade sausages” pusher.

FEATURES: capacity of 2.9 kg of minced meat per minute, storage of accessories and power cord in the body of the grinder.

DIMENSIONS: 474x235x363mm.


WARRANTY: 2 years.



For dicing, a plastic conical body and a cutting drum inserted into it are used. I had no problem removing the leftovers when I installed the drum, but it was a bit of a hassle to assemble the two-part body.

The picture and instructions in the manual are clear, but it is difficult to follow them in practice: the fear to break the plastic joints and in general the whole process is uncomfortable, tight, it requires habituation and skill, while the assembling of the device should be easy.

Small appliances for the kitchen


Dice size: 7×8 mm potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, sausages – 7×8 mm, egg – smaller dice and crumbs. Its size is perfect for salads and quite small for soups and vegetable stews.

Quality of the cubes: not very smooth edges, many of the cubes are a little crumpled.

Waste % of the initial mass of the product : boiled egg – 0 boiled carrot, sausage – 0 raw potato – 8 fresh cucumber – 5 raw onion – 30.



It is very easy to remove the conical body from the socket of the multi-food grinder: Just hold down the reverse button for 1 second and the body will come out by itself. But it is more difficult to take the cutting head out of the chassis. The manual says to pull the “tongue” over the safety lock. “We pull, we pull, but we can not pull” – this is about this design. During the test, only one person out of the four testers managed to learn how to do it more or less well, despite the drawing in the manual, which depicts the whole process in an accessible way. Hopefully this kind of difficulty is due to the fact that the model tested was brand new.

The nozzle was easy to clean because of the large openings. For the same reason, the removal of leftovers is not a hassle. The warning of the manufacturer about caution did not hurt: the cutting parts are sharp, but nobody cut themselves. The cone and dicer attachment can be washed in the dishwasher in the dishwasher basket, using the program for lightly soiled dishes.

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Kitchen processors
Small appliances for the kitchen


Not suitable for cutting foods that are too hard e.g. sugar , meat, or foods of poor consistency. It is recommended to cut raw, not boiled potatoes.

Editor’s note: Despite this fact, the appliance still helped us get potato cubes for olivier: we simply boiled them in the steamer for 10 minutes.

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