Test of the Kenwood Type HDP 404 WH Immersion Blender

The new model from the Triblade blender line, which is characterized by having a triple blade with blades that are positioned at different angles to quickly process food in the maximum volume. The series received the prestigious international RedDot award for its ergonomic design. The special indentation on the working part allows the hand to hold in an ideal position and keeps the device firmly in place. This is further enhanced by the rubberized inlay. Infinitely variable speed selection via a controller. To turn the regulator, it is best to put your index finger and thumb on top of it with a “loop” around the cord. Then the fingers lie tightly and the turning is very easy and precise.


Kenwood Type HDP 404 WH Immersion Blender


POWER: 800 Watt.

MODES: stepless adjustable speed, turbo, …

MAX OPERATION PERFORMANCE: 3 min. 50 sec. for thick mixtures.

FUNCTIONS: chopping, whisking, chopping, pureeing.

CONSTRUCTION: removable 230mm plunger, plastic body, electric wire 1300mm.

TOOLS: whisk, grinding nozzle, 2 nozzles for pureeing, 0.5 ml chopper with a lid.

ACCESSORIES: 0,75 ml beaker with lid.

DIMENSIONS: 405x60x60 mm. WEIGHT: 0.88 Kg.




PRICE: 5,490 Dollars.

The new model in the Triblade blender series, which is characterized by having a triple blade with blades at different angles for fast food processing in the maximum volume. For its ergonomic design, the range has received the prestigious international RedDot award. The special indentation on the working part allows your hand to take the perfect position and securely hold the unit. The rubber insert also contributes to this. Rotation speed can be continuously adjusted by the rotary knob. To turn the regulator, it is better to put your thumb and index finger on it with the “loop” around the cord. The fingers lie snugly and can be turned very easily and precisely.

The activation of normal operation is done by a button on top, turbo mode – on the bottom. The power buttons are positioned precisely under the index and middle fingers.

The nozzles snap into place and can be removed with buttons. The main leg is made of stainless steel, as already mentioned. Dip the nozzle in the liquid can only metal part that is, the working height of 20 cm . The bell protects against splashing, and the serrated edge does not interfere with the movement of the mass for even chopping. For your work it is convenient to use the cup included in the delivery set. The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator in the same glass and covered with a special lid.

Includes whisk and chopper. Shredder bowl on stand with anti-slip contour has increased capacity of 0.5L. Can leave food in it after use and store under a special lid. Shredder blade when assembled with a lid is pressed due to the presence of a spring.

The mashed potato maker attachment is patented. It has a collapsible construction, a metal rod, on which the sieve is put, and then the blade is fixed. Two sieves are included – with small and large holes. The working part of the strainer is made of steel, the edge is plastic with a serrated edge.





Infinitely variable speed allows for a serious variety of food processing intensity. Turbo mode shreds things much faster. The device sound is not annoying – you won’t hear it in the next room.

Buttons of the power unit are somewhat recessed, which rules out their accidental pressing, but it is easy to keep them on. The appliance is easy to assemble and disassemble, only the whisk and crusher are fixed without the expected click. Dishwasher-safe part of blender set including puree sieve, chopper bowl and cup.

Handling food


The mashing nozzle has a collapsible design, which on the one hand makes cleaning easier, on the other hand allowed the manufacturer to offer two sieve options. Their diameter is 113 mm. The working length of the rod is 13 cm.

The first fine strainer can be used to puree delicate cooked or fresh vegetables, fruits and berries. Can be useful for making jams, pie fillings, or pureeing curds. Lovers of homemade jam should also pay attention to it: pureed strawberries, currants or raspberries with sugar – this preserves vitamins with a minimum of hassle.

A second strainer with larger holes for boiled potatoes, carrots, yams and rutabagas. The nozzle knife is metal, with two large blades is fixed on the stem by turning counterclockwise. The knife fits snugly on the grid so the entire volume of the product is squeezed through the sieve.

We decided to try both strainers to make mashed potatoes. In the photo you can see that the puree is pureed “noodles” of different thickness. But despite the difference, in both cases the puree came out perfectly even, without lumps. It took the blender only a few seconds. The crusher purees the puree and makes it lush.

Adding butter and milk to the potatoes requires a little attention to the process, as the consistency of the mass is not leveled immediately. The mashed potatoes collects on the lid of the strainer during operation, you can shake it off partially, but to remove it completely, you need to take a spatula in your hands. Knocking on the edge of the saucepan is not allowed. Also, the puree gets clogged around the blade, and you have to take the chopper apart to collect it completely.

We decided to test the fine strainer for the ability to strain berries – we have a berry assortment: raspberries, strawberries and currants. The beater behaved interestingly: it coped with raspberries and strawberries almost immediately, but it took a few seconds to get rid of currants, and the “peels” did not get through to the end, which is not surprising, because the blades of the puree nozzle do not grind so much as guide them. The jam turned out delicious, fragrant, delicate and very summery, and at the expense of not yet pureed currant slices, it’s very “alive”, homemade.

Food processing



We already had a blender of this series in our test, but this is an updated model, and we had no problems with past tests. The device is easy to use: to hold in hands, turn it on, assemble, disassemble, wash. Overall, it made a good impression.

The attachment crusher seemed capable and fast, fans of classic puree should like it, despite the hassle of stuck puree. If you think about pureeing fruits and berries for preserves, keep in mind that the skins won’t get crushed all the way through, which is probably for the best. But when cooking baby food it is better to use the main attachment.

Multifunctional device for a variety of processes, the ability to quickly mashed potato two types of consistency, puree vegetables and fruits.

You have to pick up accumulated puree from the crusher, which wastes time



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