Test of the former Dyson Digital Slim DC62 Up T vacuum cleaner: cleaning was rough all over the place

The test of a seasoned vacuum cleaner – that’s what you could also call this piece. The model came in for testing almost six months ago, and we are grateful to Dyson for the time we were given to use the novelty, as they say, “to the tail and the mane” for 5 months. During this time, believe me, you can understand the details of work and features of use of the vacuum cleaner and understand how it will behave not on the second day after purchase, and after daily righteous work for a decent period of time.

Vacuum cleaners

Dyson Digital Slim DC62 Up T vacuum cleaner

Test #1. Test the main “chips” Dyson DC62 Up Top

A cordless vacuum cleaner is a new word in comfortable cleaning: no need to think about the range, no wires that are not long enough and that you usually stumble when cleaning.

Compact and lightweight vacuum cleaner is capable of transforming into a portable option for cleaning upholstered furniture, kitchen table e.g., pick up crumbs , appliances, etc.p. – Simply disconnect the suction tube and attach the nozzle directly to the main unit of the vacuum cleaner.

The model is adapted for cleaning of highly placed surfaces – the tops of cabinets, cornices, lamp shades, picture frames, vents, etc.p. The center of gravity is located near the handle, so it is easy to lift the vacuum cleaner and hold it in this position, and for cleaning high-sided surfaces and things created a special nozzle Up Top, it can be set at the desired angle.

The dust canister is emptied at the touch of a button, just hold it over the dust bag.

The nozzles are easy to put on and take off, the large locking buttons help do it safely and quickly.


Test #2. The vacuum cleaner’s turbulent life – what it has “experienced” in the test period

Renovating the kitchen and hallway. No, we did not clean construction debris with this vacuum cleaner, it is forbidden by the instructions, but after the repair of the dust in the entire apartment is always special – heavy, quickly settling, ubiquitous, and in huge quantities! It wasn’t just the floor, but the walls and upholstered furniture in the living room and bedroom that had that awful dust in it.

My score: 5 out of a possible 5 points! In a situation where the washing machine is off and can not wash bedspreads and furniture covers, a portable vacuum cleaner was a lifesaver: I just removed the suction tube and vacuumed all soft surfaces with the furniture nozzle. Special words need to be said about the filter. After cleaning it daily in a post repair situation, I was afraid to take it out to rinse it once a month as the manufacturer recommends. It is very easy to do: the filter is removed in one movement, then it can be simply rinsed under running water and dried at room temperature. To my enormous surprise, the filter is almost clean. And this after such a hard vacuum cleaner!.

“Moving” a large library out of the hallway to a new location. I thought I was taking care of books, but when I started taking them off the shelves, I was horrified: so much dust on them. With the Dyson I vacuumed first the rows of books I got the tallest ones: the vacuum cleaner is easy to lift up due to the correct center of gravity, and the crevice nozzle makes the tube even longer , and then I vacuumed particularly dusty items with the combined nozzle and already without the extension tube.

My rating is good! The fact that you can clean high places without a ladder is priceless! The fact that there is a nozzle for high surfaces is great! A little nuance – it was not easy to set it at the right angle. “From the ground” it seems that you set it correctly, but when you pick up the vacuum cleaner, it turns out that you made a mistake. Again, a one-two! Fitness, though! There is one more remark, but not to the nozzle I can’t imagine how it can still be improved , but in principle to the idea of cleaning the tops of cabinets with a vacuum cleaner. All the same depth of cabinets – from 45 to 60 cm, and the nozzle allows you to clean up to 15-20 cm. So that closer to the walls will still remain dust, or you’ll have to climb on a stepladder and use a vacuum cleaner or a rag.

The daily cleaning of cat litter scattered on the tiles – perhaps my cat was an archaeologist in a former life and the old memory of digging with all the passion inherent in this profession. Well, and fur from a furry pet enough – here was saved by the electric brush, and the speed of rotation of the roller of the electric brush does not depend on the speed of air flow, as it happens with other mechanical turbo brushes.

My rating is super! Especially nice that the brush roll can be easily removed, cleaned and put back in place. Literally a minute.

Falls from a standing position. In the heat of repair, the vacuum cleaner, parked here and there, mercilessly struck by the moving furniture and boxes. The first time it fell, I got scared and rushed to pick it up and inspect it, I was sure I’d find a crack or a dent. Then I remembered that at the plant Dyson in Malaysia, there are special employees who arrange crash-tests for Dyson vacuum cleaners – throwing, for example, and all sorts of attempts to break the poor things. My Dyson was clearly a hardened and survivor’s breed – not a scratch! And even in places where I thought the parts were fragile, for example, the latch of the dust container is still intact.

My score – unexpected and very satisfying! By the way, after the repair there is a permanent place for the vacuum cleaner – it is attached to the wall with the base, which is also a docking station. Now my Dyson is always in place and on hand, it doesn’t fall off, and, what’s important, it decorates the room: I’ve never had someone see it on the wall who hasn’t exclaimed, “What is this wonder?? How cool is it?!” By the way, a great way to get guests to vacuum – everyone wants one, honestly! .


A few words on the quality of cleaning.

The ads for this unit say that it “collects as much dust as a full-sized vacuum cleaner. We didn’t measure the amount of dust and compared it to full-sized models, that can only be done in a lab, and not every lab. But it is safe to say that this model easily succumbs to any dirt, just like the full-size Dyson models we have tested in the past.

When I received the model for testing, I thought that this is such an “electric vacuum cleaner” for quick cleaning in the kitchen. But in the end, all 5 months and never used the old full-sized vacuum cleaner: I didn’t want to take it out, plug it into the socket, tangle in the wires, carry around the apartment imagine – repairs, boxes, buckets, tools , knowing that here he will not pass, and there will not get ..

Vacuum cleaners

The only nuance – if you need to pick up something scattered with the main nozzle we checked it with the same example of the cat litter , you should move the vacuum cleaner forward, not back and forth. We have to take into account that the nozzle rotates the roller of the turbo brush, and the random movement of the nozzle makes it difficult – a small amount of debris can fall back out. But if you move the vacuum cleaner only in one direction, this problem will not.

Test #3. Battery life

It’s a cordless vacuum cleaner, and it runs only on battery power, so battery life is the most important indicator of the comfort and quality of cleaning. There are two modes of operation – standard and maximum. The manufacturer promises the following parameters: 20 minutes with and without small nozzles in standard mode, 17 minutes with electric brush, 6 minutes in acceleration mode. We purposely measured the time after 5 months of use.

So, the results after a full charge of the battery, with the vacuum cleaner almost full :

Standard mode with the electric brush is 18 minutes and 41 seconds. Acceleration mode at maximum power – 6 minutes and 19 seconds.

I would say excellent!

Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning

Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning

Dyson’s innovative technology in the Dyson DC62

6-generation contact-free electric motor – 1.5 times more powerful than previous versions and uses a more powerful battery.

2 Tier Radial cyclone technology: 15 cyclones working in parallel on two levels to capture the smallest dust particles through equal airflow in all cyclones and a specially designed air duct, which ensures a constant centrifugal force and a high dust filtration level.

The power brush with carbon fiber bristles reduces the build-up of static electricity, helping to remove fine dust from hard surfaces. Nylon bristles clean carpets from ingrained dirt, hair, pet hair.

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Technical Characteristics

Max suction power – 100 Air Watt.

2 power modes.

Vacuum container capacity – 0.4L.

Nozzles: power brush, Up Top for high surfaces, combined for furniture, crevice.

Washable filter.

Weight: 2.11 kg.

Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuum cleaners

Home Appliances

Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming

Home Appliances

Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning

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