Test of the electric kettle OURSSON EK1775MD

The kettle has a large and informative display, it not only shows the temperature value, but it also indicates all modes. Buttons are not backlit: everything on the display. The final water temperature can be changed directly during heating, without interrupting the process.

Technique for beverages

Electric kettle OURSSON EK1775MD


Boiling, heating to 60°C, 70°C, 80°C, 90°C, holding temperature 2h .

CONTROL: push-button, buttons for temperature, boiling, start/stop, heating, LED-display with mode indication.

POWER: Max 2400 Watt.

VOLUME: 0.5L, max 1.7L.

FEATURES: Display error indication, storage space for the cord, cable 3G 0,75 mm2, cord length 73 cm, included colorful book of recipes.

SAFETY: automatic shut off when kettle is heated to set temperature, when there is no water in the kettle, when removed from the stand.

DIMENSIONS: height 230 mm, width with handle 220 mm, bottom diameter 142 mm.

WEIGHT: total 1.59 kg kettle – 850 g.

WARRANTY: 1 year.



Boiling for 3 min. 21 sec 95,5°C

60 degrees Celsius in 1 minute. 20sec 57°C

70°C 1 min. 50 c 68.7 ° C

80°C 2 min. 34 with 76,8°C

90°C 2 min. 55 c 87°C

Display clearly shows the actual temperature, even when it does not match the set temperature. Apparently the kettle has a very sensitive temperature sensor.

So, when heated to 60° C, our thermometer showed 57° C and the display showed 56° C, which more accurately showed the actual state of the water.

The same story was repeated when heated to 70 ° C. Kettle stopped when display showed 62°C, measured: everything is correct – 62.7°C. We pressed the button again – the kettle shut off after a few seconds, the display was 69°C, but our thermometer read 68.7.

In general, it is great that the display does not lie, but shows the actual temperature of the water in the device, allowing you to control the process and the result.


Boiling is done by pressing a button, specially designed for this function. To heat to a certain temperature another button is used, just set the desired value, the heating starts automatically after 3 seconds. If you do not want to wait, you can press the Start button, then the kettle starts immediately. The kettle has a large and informative display, it not only shows the temperature value, but it has indicators of all modes. Buttons are not backlit: everything is on display. The final water temperature can be changed while heating, without interrupting the process.

The temperature maintenance function can be used both when heating water to a set value and then maintaining it, and when pre-boiling water with cooling to the desired value and maintaining it at this level. To activate the function, there is a special button.


Electric kettles
Electric kettles
Electric kettles
Electric kettles
Electric kettles

The lid opens by pressing the button, which is located on the handle. Interesting that the lid is slightly open at first, but when you press it again, it opens wide. Made this apparently as an extra safety measure.

Handle is wide, looks good even in the palm of a man’s large hand. It is rubberized, which prevents it from slipping.

Display windows are located on both sides of the housing.

Nozzle is metallic, water from it does not spill and does not splash, and falls directly into the cup.


Teapots, like all of its equipment, the company offers several colors – rich red, gentle lettuce the producers call it “green apple” , bright orange and soft cream ivory . Red with metallic sheen – this kettle won’t go unnoticed in any kitchen.

Classic design – elongated body shape, closed curved handle, slightly rounded lid.

A very expressive control panel draws attention. All information is displayed on a large screen, the panel itself is inclined on the base, which adds to the convenience of use.


The large display and the one-touch heating switch allows you not to waste a single second. The display shows the actual temperature, not the set temperature, allowing you to clearly control the process.


Buttons have pictures, but to understand which one is meant for what, you’ll have to resort to the help of instructions.

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