Test of STADLER FORM Chef One Multicooker

The multicooker is designed for modern mobile people who love technical innovations. Large screen with indication of each step of cooking, touch control allows you to feel yourself as the leader of the process, while you do not have to spend a lot of time near the device: it does everything by itself. The modern design of the multicooker enables it to “feel” perfectly in a techno-style kitchen.

STADLER FORM Chef One Multicooker


Programs: Rice 40-50 min . , Rice Express 30-40 min . , Pilaf, Risotto, Milk porridge, Potatoes, Soup, Stew, Steam cooker, Roast, Bake, Self-cleaning 10 to 15 min. .

Three automatic programs to select the degree of readiness in the Rice mode soft, standard, hard .

Preheat function up to 60-80°C followed by maintaining temperature.

Programmable cooking time in the Pilaf 1 to 2 hours, in 5-minute steps .. Up to 1 hour, in 1 minute steps.. to 4 hours, in increments of 10 min .. , Steam cooker 3 min. Up to 2 hours, steps of 1 min. , Fry, Baking.

There is no possibility to change the temperature.

Delayed start except for Pilaf, Fry and Self-cleaning programs .


Programs can be divided into two groups. Fully automatic include Rice, Express Rice they are designed to cook any cereal, not just rice , Milk porridge and Risotto. In this case the multicooker automatically sets the cooking time and heating power according to the amount of water and grains.

The second group, so to speak, semi-automatic, includes programs, in which the user himself determines the time of readiness – these are Potato, Pilaf, Soup, Stew, Steam, Roast, Baking. Keep in mind that the “Milk porridge”, “Steamer” and “Potato” programs have a cooking time countdown that begins after the water begins to boil.

That’s why the Potato program defaults to 10 minutes, but it will actually take longer to cook, depending on how much water you initially pour in.

In the program Plov, in addition to all variations of this dish, the manufacturers recommend cooking dishes with two or more products, such as buckwheat with meat or pasta flotsky.

Interesting that in the cereal program, there is an option for selecting the degree of simmering. It allows you to cook rice for sushi or as a side dish in different ways, e.g.

The Warming program can also be used to warm up cold dishes to a temperature of 80 ° C.

It is not possible to cook yoghurt in the multicooker, but you can make compote, ryazhenka in the Warming program or make stewed milk in the Stew program *.

Of the special programs, let us mention the Risotto program, designed for cooking this trendy nowadays rice dish. Interestingly, there is also a separate program for cooking potatoes.

Apparently, manufacturers have tried to take into account the culinary tastes of Americans, the mass of them prefer this product.

* The question of preparing drinks in the multicooker: evaporated milk, ryazhenka and yogurt is currently being worked out recipes will probably be adjusted in the future . – Prim. manufacturers .



Interesting design.

Possibility to select the degree of cooked grains.

Special programs for risotto and potatoes.

Touch control.

Large screen with a detailed indication.

Heavy quality saucepan with a convenient level indication.

Handle for carrying allows you to take the device to the country house.

Ability to reheat cold foods. The warming function can be controlled with a separate button.

Small appliances for the kitchen


No protection against turning on the programs in the absence of the pan*.

No mode for yogurt and simmering.

No power-on lock.

No ability to change the temperature mode.

Steamer is very low: no possibility to steam on two levels.

*The new delivery of multicookers, expected this fall, has such protection. – Note. of manufacturers.

STADLER FORM Chef One - sponge cake

Sponge cake

STADLER FORM Chef One Multicooker - pea soup

Pea soup

STADLER FORM Chef One Multicooker - Risotto with Parmesan

Risotto with parmesan

STADLER FORM Chef One Multicooker - Stewed pork with vegetables and bowls

Pork stew with vegetables and bowls

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