Test of KRUPS Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio KP 150610 capsule coffee machine

Krups KP 1506 Dolce Gusto coffee maker

Preparation of hot and cold drinks. Automatic shutoff with beverage delivery. Brewing pressure for each cup of coffee – 15 bar.

Built-in coffee machines

Only powdered milk can be used.


Cassette maker/tea maker for making hot and cold drinks

KRUPS Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio KP 150610


POWER: 1500 Watt max.

CUTTING: hot and cold beverages.

VOLUME: water tank 0,7 l, removable container for 1 capsule.

FACILITIES: 299h164h231 mm. WEIGHT: 2,3 kg.

WARRANTY: 2 years.




Buttons for selection of hot/cold water.

Adjustable portion size with jog wheel 7 levels: 40/50-60/100-110/120/170/ 200/220-240ml .

Automatic switch-off while beverage is poured.

Automatic switchover to economy mode after 5 minutes, automatic shutdown after 20 minutes.

Indication of power on, ready to work.

Electronic control button on the body.


KRUPS Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio KP 150610 Cappuccino Machine - Capsules

Nescafe Dolce Gusto – 14 coffee, 2 – cacao, 1 – tea

Espresso – 4 flavors: 6 g/40 ml Intenso – 8 g/60 ml Ristretto – 6.5 g/40 ml . Decaffeinato – 7g.

Lungo – 120 ml, Aroma – 8g/200 ml, Caf&eacute Crema Grande – 8g/200ml.

Cacao hot chocolate – 16g cocoa/100ml, 17.8g milk/110ml, total – 210ml, 2 capsules.

Cappuccino – 8 g coffee/40 ml, 17 g milk/200 g, 240 ml total, 2 capsules.

Cappuccino Ice – cold cappuccino, 105 ml coffee/135 ml milk, 240 ml total, 2 capsules.

Cortado – espresso with milk, 2 capsules, 80 ml.

Latte Macchiato – 6, 5 gr coffee/50 ml, 17,8 gr milk/170 ml, 220 ml total, 2 capsules.

Latte Macchiato with vanilla flavor.

Chai Tea Latte 210 ml.

Mokka – coffee + hot chocolate, 1 capsule, 220 ml.

Nesquik 160 ml, Americano 230 ml.

Each package contains 16 capsules of the same flavor. Please note that a single milk beverage will yield 8 cups, as 2 capsules are used per cup.

Price per pack – 295 Dollars. Decaffeinated espresso – 147 Dollars.

Delivery – chargeable.

Standard cup of coffee tea excluding delivery : without milk – 18.43 Dollars./drinks with milk – 36,8 rbl./caffeine-free – 9.18 Dollars.


KRUPS Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio KP 150610 capsule coffee machine - reservoir

Pressure – 15 bar.

Beverage temperature – 62 ⁰C.

preparation time 40 ml – 30 seconds.

There is 1 hole in a capsule.

The capsule holder is equipped with one permanent magnet.

Cup holder has three positions: 16/12/8 cm.


Manufacturer’s recommendations: descaling is recommended once in 3 to 4 months. Do not place the capsule holder near devices equipped with magnets: credit cards, data carriers, monitors, etc.d.


In some large chain stores, through the internet. In large American cities active people have no problem to purchase.


The compact coffee machine is suitable for small kitchens and small offices.

The biggest advantage of this machine is the ability to prepare both hot and cold beverages. Another good thing is that it is easy to adjust the amount: you just turn the lever. There is no data on the machine about the exact amount of the drink in ml – to determine “how much has been poured” is a matter of experience. But on the capsules there is a hint on what level of water you should set.

The use of a magnet on the capsule holder and inside the machine is a clever idea of the manufacturer. Thanks to this, the capsule is loaded with absolute precision and therefore punctured in a strictly defined place. This is important because it makes it possible to brew every cup of coffee at 15 bars – the crema is great!

Place the capsule, push down the lever and the machine locks and the beverage is ready. Then the lever lifts – and you pull out the holder with the spent capsule to replace it with another.

The operation is very simple and easy to understand without any instructions. There is an automatic switch off after the drink is poured into the cup, no need to wait near the machine: put a cup, put the capsule, press the button – and that’s all, the coffee is ready in half a minute!

Cup tray can be adjusted to the desired level, easily removed from the groove and reinserted. The drip tray is designed in such a way that it also serves as a drip tray.

I am pleased with the wide range of capsules offered by the manufacturer and that their variety is constantly growing. But the bad thing is that in stores, the selection on offer may not be as wide.

The design is unconventional, and comes in two colors, red and silver.


  • Instructions “Funny pictures”. Of course, manufacturers have invented a universal form for different countries, but we did not like the presentation of this information. I, for example, do not understand how to perform descaling.
  • Using two capsules for a single drink.

KRUPS Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio KP 150610

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