Test of De’Longhi ECO 310




WATER TEMPERATURE: 1 cup – 65°C, 3 cups – 66°C.

MACHINE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COUPlES AT ONE TIME: uneven coffee in 2 cups as it usually happens may indicate unequal water intake, badly pressed or too much coffee in the filter, but if constant, it may indicate insufficient working pressure.

ASSESSMENT OF QUALITY: with this model, we faced exactly what all experts in the art of coffee-making warn about: the skill and observance of all subtleties is very important. We have had many attempts to make espresso and we have had a frothy beverage “every now and then. A lot depended on the pressing: sometimes the foam was not dense enough, and after stirring a lump of sugar in a cup it almost disappeared. The taste of the drink is not too bright, medium-bodied, with a pronounced bitterness.

Convenient to prepare milk foam: The cappuccinator shaft is on the right and only moves up and down, but it can also be pulled up by 2 to 3 cm. This is enough to have a normal milk froth production: holding the milk container no pitcher included in your right hand you have to turn the steam tap on the top panel with your left hand to adjust the intensity.

THE CUSTOMER FILLING TEST TEST WITH SUGAR : great crema – strong, thick, passed the test perfectly. We tossed pieces of marshmallow sugar in it for fun, and even they kept up well, not to mention the granulated sugar.


DIMENSIONS: 230x260x300 mm.


PRICE: 9990 Dollars.


FILLING THE WATER BASIN: The water basin is filled from above, you just need to flip open the handy lid. You can take it out too, but it’s more for washing than pouring water. It is taken out vertically, that is, over the device at a distance of 40 cm nothing should hang it is, by the way, and the requirement of safety technology .

LEVEL OF WATER MARKING MIN./MAX. LEVEL OF WATER IN TANK: not present, but as the water tank is transparent, you can in principle see the level without it.

CONFIGURATION PANEL MARKING: very simple and convenient: three buttons on, steam and coffee – three intuitive symbols next to each other. The only flaw – white marking on the black background is not bright enough – it should be “fatter”.

VOLUME OF PROCESSED COFFEE: none. You have to watch the coffee preparation, otherwise it may overflow or the extraction time may be prolonged and you may get burnt coffee. Again, note that you need to follow the rules!

OPERATION MODE INDICATION: indicator lights for power on, ready for coffee and steam.


First of all, this is a retro style beauty: black lacquered plastic and chrome trim elements give it a festive and stylish appearance. Cup warmer panel on the top with special rails to prevent cups from dropping. The holder and filters two are included – for 1 and 2 cups are quite light, the filter is inserted in certain grooves, so there are no problems with its proper installation. The filter holes are in the middle, they are round in shape. On the edge of the inner filter bowl there is a rubber ring. The manufacturer recommends to heat not only cups but also the filter before brewing coffee. Temperatures are built into the body of the appliance for coffee pressing. Automatic pressure and temperature control ensures the appliance is always ready for use. The device is equipped with a stainless steel boiler and 2 separate thermostats to control the temperature of water and steam. In general, the design of the model is very convenient, but the result of making espresso depends on the experience of the user.



AVAILABILITIES: presentable appearance, understandable controls, excellent performance of the cappuccinator, comfortable

water tank.

Disadvantages: creating the crema requires a little bit of skill,

no tempera included – you have to press the coffee with a measuring spoon.

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