Test of BRAND 37500 New 2 multicooker

Multicooker Brand 37500 new2


Great choice of programs, programs for baking, yogurt, buckwheat and milk porridge, the choice of rice variety, easy and clear American-speaking control panel, a booklet with interesting recipes, superinstruction.

Small appliances for kitchen

No cooking programs for frying, battering, deep-frying or pasta.

Small appliances for the kitchen

POWER: Maximum cooking power of 850 W.


CONSTRUCTION: plastic body, 1.2 m cord length, carrying handle, removable steam release valve, removable lid inside panel.

SAFETY: detailed and clear recommendations in the manual.

AUTO PROGRAMMES: Rice long, extra, normal , Dough, Stew, Milk porridge, Stew, Warming, Baking, Yogurt with/without boiling , Buckwheat, Soup, Heating keeping food warm .

CONTROL: American-speaking control panel, menu buttons, start/heat/stop buttons, cooking timers and delays, clock and minute settings, additional options, LCD display shows the time, program and program progress. Audible signal at the end of the program or cooking time. Light indicator for heating, waiting and cooking modes. Saving settings in case of a power outage.

Rice spoon, soup spoon, measuring cup, perforated steam cooker, non-stick ceramic coated bowl.

DIMENSIONS: 280x220x350 mm. WEIGHT: 4 Kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.



The control panel is flawless – in American, intuitive and logical. LCD display is bright, well lit and clearly readable. Practically no need to refer to the manual, which, by the way, is also characterized by thoughtfulness and care for the customer.

We have seen for ourselves that this is not a translation of the Chinese model, but a user manual written by experts and carefully checked in every detail.

Each user will find here what he likes most of all. Young mothers – programs for cooking milk and regular porridges and soups, making yogurt – by the way, you can choose at once whether to boil milk or not. Lovers of muffins and pies – the program of proofing dough and baking.

Fans of rice dishes – pilaf, sushi, risotto – will be able to cook their favorite rice varieties according to the rules and peculiarities of their cooking. For those on a diet, there is a steamer and a stew and simmer program that cooks at a low temperature, exposing food to minimal heat and preserving more vitamins and minerals. A delayed cooking time of up to 24 hours is not unique, but a useful feature, especially for breakfast, which may be ready to wake up.


This model is a godsend for those who are determined to say goodbye to frying pans, deep-fryers, and fried foods, and switch to a healthy diet. But sometimes you want to treat yourself to fried food, and it’s a pity that such a multifunctional device does not have a separate frying program – cooking at a very high temperature of 150-180 ° C.

In the instructions, which unanimously won the prize of consumer sympathy in our test, lacked only one thing – information about the program, in which you could pre-fry with the open lid, for example, onions and carrots for soup. To be fair, in the recipe book there is a recommendation to do it in the Baking program.

No short program for boiling pasta – when pasta can be boiled for a certain number of minutes, and the appliance signals boiling water. No ability to select the type of product meat, fish, vegetables , but let’s be honest – we didn’t see meat, fish and vegetable dishes suffer from this. As in all the ovens, the topping is pale in the Baking program – you have to turn the pasta upside down on the plate.


Tilapia on a bed of vegetables. We sliced two onions, grated a large carrot, and peeled and chopped a large potato. Pour some oil on the bottom of the pan, put in layers half of the vegetables, 3 frozen fish fillets with salt and pepper, pour lemon juice and repeat the layers.

It was 1 hour in the COOKING mode instead of 1.5 hours, as it was written in the recipe. The fish was perfectly cooked, tender and soaked with the juice of the vegetables. A diet dish, which caused a controversy, because it was too bland. I should have added peppers, bay, dill, parsley and bell peppers and it would have been perfect.

Khashlama lamb with vegetables in its own juice . We put 1 kg of young mutton chopped into small 5×4 cm pieces in the multicooker, laying them in layers with potatoes halved , sweet peppers, tomatoes and onions circles , chopped coriander. Each layer was salted and peppered. Did not add water!

We had a pot full to the brim with water. We chose the “Stew” program, time – 2 hours. After an hour we looked in – a pot full of broth, that is juice, in which the meat and vegetables were stewed.

We could hardly wait for the program to end and could hardly resist Caucasian toasts and drinking cognac together with the divine dish, which doesn’t need any attention at all when cooking in the multicooker. Super!

Buckwheat with meat. And then we add buckwheat, pour two fingers of water over it, chose the BYU program, turn it off after 10 minutes, and let it brew for another 10 minutes in the heating mode. The hiking version of dinner was delightful: the stew was soft, and the buckwheat – grain by grain. Very good!


The instructions are the best in the test, as is the recipe booklet. The device of the multicooker is explained in detail, the purpose of the buttons, all the algorithms of working with programs and timer settings are shown.

There is a detailed summary table of the characteristics of all the programs what they are for, what foods to cook, the default cooking time, the minimum and maximum cooking time . There is a briefing in case of problems with the operation, with special attention to safety.

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