Test of Bose Lifestyle 28 home theater


Interesting “futuristic” design, compact size combined with great sound quality. Interesting multiruble features.


No disadvantages of this model, except for the not very “humane” price, have been detected.


Home cinema Bose Lifestyle 28


The designers have given this juicer a very futuristic look – silver coating, black glossy front panel, smooth rounded contours of the body – all this makes it look like an alien spaceship that is about to go to the stars.

Disc tray and control buttons are hidden from prying eyes under the special cover on the front panel. By the way, there are not so many buttons to control the system – only the most necessary, nothing unnecessary.

The information display is located to the right of the tray, the developers have made it very ascetic – it is not overloaded with information, but at the same time, informs the user everything he needs to know about the system.

The acoustic system, I think, will attract the attention of those for whom space is an issue, because it is very compact. Remember the “Rubik’s cube” toy? Imagine that the size of two such cubes stacked on top of each other corresponds to the size of the speakers. Let’s skip ahead a little and say that the speaker system sounds very cool despite such a modest size. Just do not expect that such “babies” can sound like that! What is interesting, the upper and lower cubes, which make up the loudspeaker, can be rotated relative to each other by up to 90°.

Front, rear and center speakers are connected to subwoofer the so called Acoustimass module which is connected to the main unit with a special cable. All the rest of the switching is done through the main unit.

The remote control is very handy and clear, you learn it quickly and without problems. It is noteworthy that the remote control works not by IR, but by radio signal, this allows him not to be afraid of various obstacles, and you do not need to direct the remote control strictly to the machine – it is enough that it is somewhere near.


We were listening to the music records in stereo mode.

As we said above, at first I can not believe that the acoustics with such modest size can sound so cool. The system creates a full musical picture and conveys a feeling of lightness and airiness. A solid, powerful bass serves as a solid foundation for the song, the bass notes sound clear. the piano sounds quite natural, with its characteristic overtones, filling the sound with colour and nuance. The acoustic guitar sounds very, very good – the sound is authentic, individual notes are well audible, the bass components are clear. Percussion sounds very natural and dynamic at the same time. Just close your eyes and you feel as if a real musician is playing in front of you. The saxophonist’s playing is great – warm and natural sound, you can hear the musician’s breath. The vocal parts sound very nicely, the emotions of the singer, his mood, the timbre of his voice are well reproduced.

When playing the concert records the atmosphere and drive of a live performance are well reproduced.

We listened to the movie sound in multi-channel mode.

The dialogues of the characters are also nicely reproduced – the voices sound with a natural timbre and the emotional colouring is audible. But it should be noted, that for a more comfortable perception and more exact localization of the dialogues the level of the central channel should be raised a little, otherwise the voices will sound a little bit blurred. The localization of sound sources is faithful – what you hear clearly correlates to what you see on the screen – if the car appears on the screen on the right, you will hear its sound just the same – on the right. One gets the feeling of total immersion into the action taking place on the screen. The background is clearly worked out – different small sounds are heard – rustling of leaves, noise of a running brook, crunch of branches underfoot, soft conversations, noises of cars etc.d.


The settings menu of the device is very logical and convenient, various options are found intuitively. The design of the menu is also on a very decent level – it is easy and pleasant to work with it. Besides the main menu, there is a small panel of quick settings, which appears on the screen without interrupting the playback. With the help of this panel you can easily and quickly change the configuration of speaker system, set the level of central and rear channels, adjust the sleep timer, etc.d. Note that the set of options on the panel changes depending on the type of source.e., For example, for DVD it will be one and for radio it will be another.

Bose Lifestyle 28 comes with two discs, with which you can quickly set up your system. One of them triggers the autocalibration process ADAPTiQ, which adjusts the speaker system to the parameters of the room for the best sound. After the process of auto-calibration the system will automatically correct the sound in the future.

Bose Lii style 28 easily works with Dolby Digital and DTS multichannel sound formats. You can use the Bose Lii style 28 remote control to control other components in your home system. And it is not necessary for these components to be Bose brand at all, because the remote control has a base of IR codes of devices, belonging to different brands.

We mentioned above that the remote control works by radio channel there is a special IR repeater in the main unit, which transforms the radio signal into the IR signal and sends it to the controlled device.

Bose Lii style 28 can sound up to fourteen additional zones in addition to the main zone. For connection of additional zone we use the Bose link connector, located on the main unit. The additional zone also uses Bose equipment compatible with the Bose link connection. In the main and sub zones, you can listen to either the same audio signal or two independent signals from two different sources. Note that video and audio signals are only played back in the main zone, only audio is sent to additional zones.


112 500 Dollars.

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