Test mobile scanner Canon imageFORMULA P-208

The P-208 is an excellent choice for individuals who value electronic filing and communication, as well as for those who spend a lot of time at team sites or field trips, such as insurance salespeople and bank employees. In fact, the device allows you to set up a comfortable mobile office anywhere. The scanner will also be in demand among home users who want to create a personal electronic archive – from prescriptions, utility receipts, notes, checks, etc.d.


Canon imageFORMULA P-208 mobile document scanner



100 scans per day

SPEED: B/W mode, 200 dpi grayscale, 300 dpi , 8 pages./(single-sided

scan , 16 images, 1,000 shots, 2 invoices, a countdown of the last 4 digits, and a barcode./min duplex scanning color, 200 dpi 300 dpi – 8 6 pp./min and 16 12 images./min

INTERFACE: high speed USB 2.0

SHIPPING CAPACITY: 10 sheets 64 g/m2


150×150,200×200,300×300,400×400,600×600 pdi

MODES: B/W, Enhanced Text Processing II, 8-bit grayscale 256-level , 24-bit full color

FUNCTIONS: Auto Page Size Detection, Deskew, Z-Color Correction, Auto Color Correction, Shading Correction, Enhanced Text Mode, Preset Gamma Curve, Scan Panel, Pre-Scan Function, Image Rotation, Skip Blank Page, Document Side Scan Selection, Scan Area Setting, Text Orientation Recognition, Continuous Scanning, Edge Enhanced Image Processing, Moire Reduction, Prevent Bleed Through/Remove Background, OPM

OS: Mac & Windows


OPTIONS: Canon Wi-Fi WU10 Silex C-6600GB Scan-and-Print Server USB to network conversion carrying case

DIMENSIONS WxHW : with closed tray – 312.5×55.5×40 mm with open tray – 312.5×76.5×40 H mm

WEIGHT: 600g


Recently the business becomes more and more mobile, users often turn to cloud services, more and more organizations prefer electronic document management systems, many users keep documents not only in hard copy, but also in electronic form.

The P-208 is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the electronic format for archiving and transferring documents, as well as for those who spend a lot of time in teams or at off-site events insurance agents, bank employees . Virtually lets you set up a comfortable mobile office anywhere. The scanner will also be in demand by home users who want to create their own personal electronic archive – from prescriptions, utility receipts, notes, receipts, etc.d. The P-208 went on sale in April of this year.


The scanner weighs 600 grams and is as long as a standard notebook. Fits easily in the bag with the laptop during transport. The scanner is easy to carry because it has a folded, compact “bar” and can be slid onto a table only when not in use. No charger or batteries are needed as it is powered by the PC via USB cord.


Canon CaptureOnTouch Lite software must be installed. The P-208 turns on instantly when it is connected to a PC and the paper guides are pulled out, and the CaptureOnTouch Lite window opens automatically. Up to 10 pages can be fed temporarily through the Automatic Document Feeder.

After scanning is complete, simply fold paper holders, close the scanner lid, and the unit disconnects from power. Great for when you’re on the go and your battery life is limited.

The ADF slides easily move along the body of the scanner so you can adjust it to the exact size of the scanned text. When media is fed, the scanner carriage lowers to support the sheet. Start scan button either on the unit or in the CaptureOnTouch Lite software window.


It is very functional despite its tiny size. It has an inline duplex scanning function and is very fast at digitizing documents. The P-208’s list of scanned data processing features include: automatic color detection,

Computers and peripherals


The scanner easily fits in your bag along with your laptop.

Only requires a USB cord for power.

Paper holders are used for feeding.

Computers & Peripherals
Computers and peripherals

If you feed the material unevenly, it will scan with a bend.

Computers and peripherals

Whichever way you file your document, in electronic files the orientation

The text will be equally accurate.


CaptureOnTouch Lite has a stop button that, when pressed, stops scanning the last sheet of paper it scanned through.

Continue scanning if necessary.

Computers and peripherals

CaptureOnTouch Lite lets you zoom in, zoom out, delete scanned files, rotate the sheet by changing the orientation of the text vertical or horizontal .

Computers and peripherals

The scanner recognizes blank pages in the pile of documents being scanned and does not show up on the CaptureOnTouch Lite window

Text orientation recognition, automatic resolution selection.

Computers & Peripherals

CaptureOnTouch Lite makes it easy to save the file you want by simply selecting the format you want

The electronic image appears on the PC screen in seconds. Later the files may be saved on your PC, and then sent by e-mail or put on the network if necessary.

Noteworthy, the scanner recognizes blank pages in the stack of documents submitted and does not display them among the scanned files in the CaptureOnTouch Lite window. And no matter which way you feed the document the orientation of text in electronic files will be the same. This feature saves time for the user who doesn’t have to choose the scanner’s feeding direction

Accommodates a variety of media sizes – as long as they are no larger than A4-size. It can be business cards, photos, receipts, etc.d.


For cordless scanning, Canon suggests attaching scanner to battery and optional WU10 handheld unit. It can be used to send scanned files via Wi-Fi to mobile devices without the need for a wired connection to an access point and an external power supply. In addition, the WU10 module allows files to be sent simultaneously to a group of colleagues, as well as to devices via a network server or home router.

Users need to install the free CaptureOnTouch Mobile app to scan to iPhone, iPad or an Apc1pc1 device. It has the same capabilities ra

The new device offers the same document handling capabilities as a corded PC scanner, including duplex printing in one pass to save scanning time, advanced image processing tools automatic document size detection, deskew, blank page removal and excellent color reproduction capabilities.


The P-208 is the perfect accessory for active people and a worthy business partner. The scanner allows work and scanning to be organized at any desired location, for example during an insurance agent’s visit or on demand at customer service points – staff will scan sales orders, contracts, applications from customers. Right on the spot, digital files can be sent to an email service or forwarded for immediate processing and review.

If you don’t feed the paper properly, you may stop scanning because the paper jams. To remove a jammed sheet, pull it evenly from the exit side of the scanned sheets.

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