Test microwave oven VVK MO2592V

Microwave oven with grill and steam cooker


New on the American market, VVK microwave oven is suitable for all people who value their time. A large selection of automatic programs, the ability to cook with steam allows you to use this oven for cooking all kinds of – both simple and complex culinary dishes.

MODES: microwave 5 power levels: 100% 900 W , 80% 720 W , 50% 450 W , 30% 270 W , 10% 90 W , grill 1000 W , combination of two power levels – 55% microwave + 45% grill, 36% microwave + 64% grill , defrost by weight from 100 g to 2 kg and time.

AUTOMATIC PROGRAMS: Automatic defrost beef, pork, chicken, frozen vegetables, fish “Auto Menu” – 9 programs jacket potatoes, fresh vegetables, grilled beef, grilled pork, grilled chicken, frozen pizza, frozen vegetables, grilled fish, baked potatoes “American cuisine” – 6 programs buckwheat porridge, homemade pasta, goulash of mushrooms, grilled vegetables, grilled sausages, grilled chicken wings “Steamer” – 4 programs steamed fish, chopped meat, steamed vegetables, dumplings .

OPTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: activation of the Microwave function by pressing a button time from 30 sec. to 95 min. . the possibility of increasing the cooking time one step – 30 seconds .

CONTROL: display indicating modes, time, timer, weight, the selected program, the ability to program two stages of cooking keys program “American cuisine”, mode selection, steaming, clock timer, functions defrost, start, stop cancellation program, rotary multifunction switch Lock against unauthorized switching.


FEATURES: control panel in American, “American cuisine” menu.

ACCESSORIES: a glass turntable with a diameter of 315 mm, a roller ring, a grill grate, a container for steaming.

ECOLOGICAL: Complies with all American norms.

POWER OF USE: 1450 Watt.

DIMENSIONS: 51,3×43,0×30,5 cm. WEIGHT: 16,06 kg.


WARRANTY: 1 year.


The instruction manual provides detailed recommendations for cooking in automatic programs. These are the recipes we used in our test.

In addition, the manual provides tables of cooking recommendations for different dishes in microwave, grill and steam modes.

Overall impression: Neither turning the oven on nor setting the clock was a problem.

The only complaint that I had during cooking was the low buzzer-type buzzer guide. To hear it, you can’t go far from the stove and have extraneous conversations or watch TV at the same time. Otherwise – nothing to complain about.

Control: logical, clear and understandable. We are not very fond of reading instructions as most users , so here everything is clear and without studying the instructions ..

Microwave ovens

Steam cooker, grill, “American cuisine” modes. Logical control. Well thought-out recipes: the dishes are baked, juicy and delicious. Reasonable price – an important fact when buying.


Quiet beep.

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  1. Cambria

    Is the VVK MO2592V microwave oven a reliable and efficient appliance? Can it defrost food evenly and quickly while also cooking meals in a timely manner?

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