Video technology

The advantages: the “All in one” device allows to playback without additional efforts and the contents of DVD disks, as well as flash drives and hard drives when connected via USB-input.



Disadvantages: the resolution could be a little more.

LCD TV 19 inches BBK LED1951SI

Full HD LCD TV with LED-backlighting with built-in DVD player, 19 inches diagonal


The model can play the contents of a variety of media, because it is equipped not only with a built-in DVD-player, but also with a USB input that allows you to play the contents of flash drives and hard drives, as well as digital cameras. The apparatus is equipped with a wide range of autovoltage, allowing it to work flawlessly in conditions of fluctuating supply voltages.


The BBK LED1951SI showed great color margin. As for viewing angle, the colors darken noticeably when viewed from an angle of 35 degrees down, change from an angle of 65 degrees up, the contrast drops noticeably when tilted about 80 degrees sideways.

When playing a signal from the component input, the resolution of the video path of the TV was about 470-480 TV lines. The movement of the objects on the screen is smooth.

Color gamut on the factory default settings slightly gives in the greenish-brown area, digital artifacts in the motion is almost imperceptible.

Note the very large brightness margin. The white color is saturated, white objects on a white background are displayed with a medium level of detail.

When playing the signal from the HDMI input, the resolution was about 520 TV lines. Motion of objects appears smoothly. Black is deep enough, white is rich, white objects on a white background are displayed with good detail. Quality of black shades display on an average level. Digital artifacts such as combing on inclined moving lines is not noticeable. Flesh tones have a good natural look, although in some places a little too much in some tones.


BBK LED1951SI demonstrates not a very large stock of the volume, while it sounds without noticeable aural distortion. Preset sound modes available: “music”, “movie”, “news”, “user. You can use the treble and bass controls for a more detailed tone adjustment.


Menu is large, takes up most of the screen, menu transparency can be adjusted if necessary. Sleep-timer to turn off the TV after a certain time.

Remote control controls not only the TV, but also the built-in DVD player. Built-in DVD-player can play video formats DVD-Video, Super VCD, VCD, music in CD-DA, HDCD, MP3 and WMA. Supports CD-R/CD-RW, DVD-R/DVD-RW, DVD+R/DVD+RW.

Note that the player is equipped with a useful function, Q-Play, which allows you to start playing, skipping “non rewinding” commercial blocks.

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