Test LASKO Lilla LS-1104-20 steam cooker


Advantages: fast steam production, large steamer volume, comfortable handles, large water tank, easy operation, compact size, light weight, affordable price.

Small appliances for the kitchen

Disadvantages: no water refill during operation.

Small appliances for the kitchen

POWER: 900 Watt.

MATERIALS: body, steam tanks, lid, expansion ring, rice cooker, condensate drip tray – plastic heating element – stainless steel cord – 3 G 0,75 mm sqm. 1.1 m long.

VOLUME: 7.6 liters 2 tiers for cooking.

CONTROL: mechanical, timer for 60 min. With automatic shut off, audible signal when turned off.

Steam Generation SPEED: 35 seconds and more, water tank capacity 1,3 l, indication.

DIMENSIONS: 290x290x325 mm. WEIGHT: 2.1 kg.




Steam cooker is plugged in and immediately begins to illuminate the inspection window, which shows the level of water. By setting the timer to the desired time value, you already start the steam cooker.

Steam is generated very quickly, in just 35 to 40 seconds, so the brewing process starts almost immediately. At the maximum load of the container with water, there is enough water for several cycles of cooking, approximately 50 minutes – 1 hour.

Cooking is done in two tiers, you can leave one if you want. If you want to increase the volume, you can install the steam containers one on top of the other without a second tier.

A special tray is used for cooking rice.


On the timer are numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 minutes. Setting increments of 1 minute.

A loud signal sounds at the end of the timer “winding up” time. If the food is cooked faster, then it is necessary to unplug the steam cooker by pulling the cord.


Each level has comfortable non heat grips. The steam cooker itself is quite light and easy to move from place to place. Timer has a wide rotary switch. Next to it, on both sides, there are pictures with cooking time hints for different foods. All parts can be removed and cleaned easily.


The instructions have everything you need, including recommendations for making various dishes. The steam cooker assembly diagram is on the cover. But there are no instructions, such as whether the plastic parts can be washed in the dishwasher, how to properly clean the steam cooker from the scale, etc. d.

Recipes for steam cookers

pears with chocolate

Rice pudding

Steaming Raffaele

Fish dumplings with red caviar

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