Test Karcher DS 5600


Vacuum cleaner with water filtration without a bag for dust collection

Hardware for the home

ABOVE: A large, economical vacuum cleaner for hygienic cleaning. Water filtration, and as a consequence – clean air in the house. Economy of electricity, combination of small power and excellent quality of cleaning, storage nozzles in the body, the turbo brush included, convenient main nozzle.

Disadvantages: You have to buy anti-foam liquid antifoamer as only a small bottle is included. No soft bumper to protect the furniture and adjust the power.

SUMMARY: big, thorough and economical vacuum cleaner for fans of hygienic cleaning.

Home Appliances

POWER: 1400 watts max.

FILTERING: intermediate filter, HEPA Plus H class 12 filter, water filtration.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: Button for automatic cord reeling, no power control.

CONSTRUCTION: 7.5 m range, 5.5 m cord length, 2 large and 2 small wheels, vertical parking, steel telescopic tube, carrying handle, storage compartment for nozzles, flexible hose.


Plastic water filter cup 2L , carpet and floor nozzle, turbo brush, furniture nozzle, crevice nozzle.

COLOR: ivory/gray.

WEIGHT: 8.5 kg without water .


Floor cleaning hard surface

Type of flooring: linoleum, tiles, parquet, varnished boards.

The main nozzle for the carpet and the floor has a trapezoidal shape and a very soft foot switch “floor carpet”, has excellent mobility and good maneuverability: rotates 360 degrees relative to the telescopic tube, softly and quickly “drives” on one large and wide wheel.

To clean the wooden floors, we used retractable bristles – it should be noted that in most vacuum cleaners, it has the same length, but here the sections of long bristles alternate with sections of short in a staggered pattern, which allows not a large dust to get into the nozzle faster, not lingering on the bristles.

The main brush head is equipped with soft silicone insert, which significantly softens the contact with the surface. The results are amazing!

Manufacturers prohibit the use of a floor nozzle and tube for wet cleaning, t.k. There is a risk of rusting.

Capable of absorbing wet dirt and small amount of liquid – up to 0,5 L. You have to use a handle without a tube and brush or a crevice nozzle.

Quality: 10 points.

Speed: 10 points.

Carpet cleaning

Type of flooring, pile length: In-room carpet, pile length 1 cm, bathroom mat – pile length 1 cm. The carpets are cleaned with the turbo brush included in the kit. Did not feel the suction power decrease at all, which we were happy about. Brush glides carpets perfectly, thanks to 4 rollers, hair and fur are wound onto a special roller. Particularly pleased with the ability to refresh the decorative brushes on one of the carpets. This vacuum cleaner is powerful enough, but even at maximum suction power it does not spoil the surfaces: you can be calm both for the nap and carpet brushes. After using a turbo brush we vacuumed the carpets with an ordinary nozzle without extending the bristles – did a deep cleaning. The perfect result. Quality:10 points.

Speed: 10 points.

Cleaning of upholstered furniture

Type of coating: velour. The brush for upholstered furniture has a rectangular shape and a large coverage area due to its width. Usually, when cleaning upholstered furniture, we have to reduce the suction power because of the risk of damaging the upholstery. We cleaned velvet without fear of “hurting” it at high speed – it not only got cleaner, but also looked better as a result – its hairs lifted.

Quality: 10 points.

Speed: 10 points.

Cleaning hard-to-reach places with the main nozzle convenience

The design allows the nozzle, completely putting the tube on the floor, to clean the space under the furniture in the presence of a gap of 8-9 cm. We expected that the shape of the nozzle is not adapted to clean the corners – nice to be wrong: 2 outer corners – “sharp” – less than 45 degrees, hence the “ability”.

Quality: Ö10 points.

Speed: 10 points.

Crevice nozzle for hard-to-reach places comfort

Nothing fancy, just a normal brush head. Manufacturers call it a nozzle for joints. The airflow in it is more concentrated – and everything turns out great.

Quality: 10 points.

Speed: 10 points.

Power switch

No function.

Convenience of the tank

It may be a bit big, but it is very handy: it is secured with a special fuse, which must be pressed in order to easily reach the tank perfectly easy to take out and put back. The tank has a carrying handle – like a bucket, a conveniently removable and put-on lid and a round water and dust inlet through which you can pour water in and out. An intermediate filter and a special shield are inserted into the container. Make sure they are installed correctly, otherwise there will be poor speed of operation and early wear of the filter. No safety system that would simply turn off the vacuum cleaner if the container parts are not installed correctly. The manual forbids the use of the vacuum cleaner without a full tank of water. We certainly have not tried it, but apparently there is no system for shutting down the unit in this case of improper use. In the tank must be poured 1 cap of skimmer included in the kit, because when working inside there are whirls of water and dust and foam formation is possible.

Convenience of the tank: 9 points.


On/off button: 10 points. Soft and smooth start-up, located on the body, the button is so big that you can press it… with your knee.

Main attachment: 10 points. Conveniently adjustable by the “floor-catcher” system, maneuverable, protecting the floor from scratches.

Maneuverability of the model: 8 points. Rides well and softly enough, “obediently” turns, but you can feel the weight of the vacuum cleaner – especially with a full tank. The carrying handle is very handy, but the weight of the model is certainly too high.

Easy nozzle change: 10 points. No valves, latches or nail-breaking buttons.

Convenience of the tube: 8 points. Tube is quite heavy – that’s the way stainless steel is. But durable and one-touch adjusts to length.

Ease of parking and storage: 8 points. Big vacuum cleaner! The hose is easy to wrap around the body that has an attachment to vertically park the tube and hose. I like the storage compartment for the crevice nozzle and the furniture nozzle in the body: nice and handy.

Easy filter change: 9 points. Intermediate filter manufacturers recommend cleaning once every 8 weeks, more often if the draught weakens. Once a year it needs to be replaced. Clear instructions and pictures explain the whole process. Take out the filter, put it in a bowl with water for 4 hours, rinse it under the faucet, clean some parts with a plastic plate if necessary, dry it in the air – that’s all! Replace the HEPA-Plus filter at least every 18 months, or sooner if you use the unit frequently. It is very easy to pull out – just one press on the special flap.

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