Test juicer Hotpoint-Ariston SJ 4010 AX0


Interesting design, handy switch.


Can not make pomegranate juice.

Hotpoint-Ariston SJ 4010 AX0 Hotpoint_Ariston_SJ_4010_AX0_11

Hotpoint-Ariston SJ 4010 AX0 juicer


POWER: 400 Watt.

MODE: 1 speed, reverse.

SPEED: 80 rpm.

FEATURES: 10 cm high hopper, 6×3,5 cm inlet, rotary switch, pots with handles and spouts for easy pouring with labels 200/400/600/800/1000 ml, stainless steel finish, 120 cm long power cord.

SAFETY: lockable, does not turn on if not properly assembled.

2 containers for juice and cake , cleaning brush, instructions with recipes on the last page.

DIMENSIONS: 46-49x12x22 cm.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


PRICE: 9990 Dollars.

Hotpoint-Ariston SJ 4010 AX0 Hotpoint_Ariston_SJ_4010_AX0_2 Juicer


There are restrictions: not suitable for sugar cane, pomegranates and vegetables containing starch pg. 27 instructions . Pomegranate is understandable and a pity, cane is not very actual, but vegetables with starch is interesting. What, you can’t make potato juice or banana juice? Unclear.


From 100 g of carrots we get 58 g of juice with pulp.


I got 64 grams of liquid puree from 100 g of apples.


The large opening of the hatch could easily hold quarters of oranges.

We got 63,7 g of juice from 100 g.


100 g blueberries made 64.5 g of thick juice.

Hotpoint-Ariston SJ 4010 AX0 Hotpoint_Ariston_SJ_4010_AX0_1 juicer


It’s a shame you can’t make pomegranate juice. In our tests the juicer coped with the products very confidently. When we disassembled the juicer for washing, we noticed that some of the parts were a little warm.

Hotpoint-Ariston SJ 4010 AX0Hotpoint_Ariston_SJ_4010_AX0_3 juicer


Most Americans know Hotpoint-Ariston more as a manufacturer of large appliances: washing machines, refrigerators, etc. d. The line of small appliances was introduced to American consumers in the spring of 2013. Naturally, there is a lot of interest in the new models.

The design of the juicer is technological and noble: the stainless steel finish, the height of the device, its slimness allow not only to successfully combine the juicer with other equipment of the series, but also provide it with a worthy place in the modern kitchen.

As for the assembly disassembly of the device – everything is standard: you need to apply force to remove the bowl, and you must close the lid to lock it, otherwise the juicer will not turn on.

The pusher protrudes over the hopper, and this is a little confusing when working: you want to put it all the way down, so you have to put more effort than necessary. But I think that this happens only at first, until you get used to.

Power button has been replaced by a convenient rotary switch located on the right side of the body. Reverse only works when you hold the switch in the right position, which protects against accidental errors.

Hotpoint-Ariston SJ 4010 AX0 Hotpoint_Ariston_SJ_4010_AX0_4 juicer


Operation and functioning of this juicer is the same as of other appliances of this class.

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