Test iron PANASONIC NI-WT960: slides in all directions

The design is futuristic: the iron looks like a rocket. The most important difference from all other devices – the oval soleplate, sharpened on both sides. Strong steam, automatic temperature selection – all designed for fast and efficient ironing. Let’s see how the soleplate with “two noses” behaves.


Electric iron PANASONIC NI-WT960

PRICE: 6990 Dollars.

POWER: 2200-2600 Watt.

MODES: dry ironing, ironing with steam, steam shock vertical steaming automatic temperature settings Optimal Care.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: anti-drip system, self-cleaning function, integrated limescale removal in the water tank.

steam: 180g/min steam stroke.

CONTROL: There is a steam button on the handle, two-position steam pressure switch, and a spray button under the handle,

On the body of the power switch, self-cleaning button, light indicator.

BACKGROUND: ceramic.

FEATURES: 350 ml water tank, no-twist power cord, 245 cm cord length up to plug and 350 ml measuring cup.

SAFETY: no automatic shut off.

SIZE: 307x141x153mm. WEIGHT: 1, 8 kg measured 1.6 kg .

WARRANTY: 1 year.

WORK LIFE: 7 years.





The design is futuristic. Iron looks like a rocket. The most important difference from all other devices is the oval soleplate with two sharp noses. This makes the iron look very unusual. Well chosen colors – the red finish harmonizes with the gray translucent plastic of the tank and the black details.

Handle easy to grip, wide, all-plastic, smooth on the inside, a little rough on the outside to prevent slipping.

Thanks to the triangular heel with special recess for the cord, the iron stands firmly and safely. The size of “heel”: 12,5×13 cm.


Black cloth cord is extra long 245 cm to keep the ironing table far enough away from the socket, giving you freedom of movement when ironing. Even though the cord has a movable round hinge, it barely moves, because of the design of the iron body. The cord is always pointing upwards, and it was a little disturbing to me when ironing. In addition, because of this position in the place where the plastic braid ends, it curves down. I find the permanent bend area vulnerable when using the device for long periods of time.

The iron is quite heavy, as top models tend to be.


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Ceramic. Once again I would like to draw your attention to its unique shape, which has become a Panasonic trademark. According to the manufacturer’s plan, this shape of the soleplate allows you to easily move the iron in different directions when ironing, without lifting it. Yes, the soleplate moves easily back and forth and in all directions, but, frankly, I have not noticed any fundamental difference with the traditionally shaped ones.

Outstanding size – 29×12.5 cm. Large ironing surface area saves time in the long run.

But the shape is not the only difference of the soleplate. There are steam holes all around the circumference of the oval in a special groove. There are 18 of them on each side and one at the top of the spouts. The grooves on the soleplate are made in such a way that steam is distributed evenly in any direction of ironing.


This iron has an automatic temperature setting, you can not change it manually.

The iron heats up for about one minute then the indicator light turns off , and the steam begins to emit actively. Interestingly, the temperature at the soleplate is not very high, but still a little higher than other models in the test, and this “slightly” is enough to iron not only because of the steam.

Measured by thermal imaging: the middle of the sole – 132.6 ° C, the “bottom nose” – 116.2 ° C, the “top nose” – 136.5 ° C.


The soleplate heats evenly enough, its heat is enough to iron over-dried fabrics, such as bed linen. You cannot change the temperature, so be careful when ironing light synthetics.


When measured at about 2355-2363 Watts.


There are two steam and steam shock modes. On maxi mode, the cloud of steam rises from all sides of the iron, even the handle gets wet.

The irons

The manufacturers emphasize that “when you put it in a vertical state, steam stops being released”. But this is not quite true: at first a lot of steam rises around the iron, and only after a few seconds the formation of steam stops.

Full water tank was enough for 12 minutes 30 seconds. And this without using the steam blow.

Watched closely and did not notice a single drop of water while ironing, even after I put the iron down from the upright position.

A little strange “sound” of the iron during operation: some additional sound is heard. The manual says about the clicks that accompany the anti-drip system, but you hear not clicks, but some slight rattling.

Iron PANASONIC NI-WT960 with steam

Iron PANASONIC NI-WT960 with steam blow


Adjustment of steam is similar to what is used in most models of different manufacturers, but the power of steam is impressive. There is a lot of steam, especially on max mode and when the steam blow is on.



It’s simple: there is a steam button on the handle, in front of it a rotary steam regulator. Under the handle as a trigger, there is a spray button. This position is somewhat controversial: it takes a habit not to press both buttons at once – steam shock and spray, at first you can get confused. The buttons are soft enough, but the “steam blow” should be pressed with force. We got a “noisy” iron: the steam button squeaks when you press it. The water tank door is narrow, it is easy to open, and there is a special notch on the body of the iron, where your index finger can pick up the thin plastic.

The temperature in this iron is set automatically, but there is a circle on the base of the body. It serves as a switch: after plugging the iron into the socket, you need to turn a small lever on it so that the heating element starts to heat up. The lever clicks into action, but its design is not very appealing to ladies with long fingernails.


The Conclusion

Controls are simple and clear, but there are a few controversial points: the position of the spray button takes some getting used to, and the lever can be not very handy for ladies with long fingernails.


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Manufacturers allow you to fill with tap water. The water tank is big and it’s great that the water tank is the same size as the cup, it’s very handy with a long spout that fits the diameter of the water inlet perfectly.


Instructions recommend draining water from reservoir after use, otherwise it may leak from iron soleplate the next time you use the iron.

It has a self-cleaning function, and the manufacturer advises cleaning with a steam blow. The built-in limescale removal system in the tank.


The system works, but the manufacturer strongly recommends not to leave water in the iron when it is not working.


Detailed but fun. The company has saved money on a translator, therefore some phrases there cause a smile: “steam emission”, “use water together with the iron”, “do not keep the power cord bent at sharp angles”. In general, an entertaining read, but useful, because all the necessary information in the manual is.

Test results

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Good quality ironing, strong steam and steam impact, interesting design, not the highest price among the top models. Interesting design, very convenient cup for water, easy to operate.

There are remarks on the cord: disturbed by the presence of a permanent bend, and not very convenient presence of an additional switch. The iron makes some strange noises: the button on the steam button squeaks and when ironing you can hear some additional rattling, but maybe we just got such a musical copy.

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