Test immersion blender CLATRONIC SMS-3455

Basic parameters

Hand blender with food processor functions

POWER: max 750 Watt.

MODES: Stepless speed change in 5 levels, turbo mode.

FUNCTIONS: blend, chop, whip, grate, shred.

CONSTRUCTION: plastic housing with stainless steel trim, wire 134 cm.

Complete set: blender, whisk, mixer, chopper with lid and impeller blade, insert for shredding, insert for chopping.

DIMENSIONS: Body length with blender attachment – 397 mm.


WARRANTY: 1 year.

CLATRONIC SMS-3455 Immersion Blender


Despite its sturdy “steel” appearance, the blender body is not heavy. It fits comfortably in your hand and does not slip due to the ergonomic handle with anti-slip grip. The speed is adjustable both before turning on the blender, and with your free hand during operation. The switch has a beautiful blue backlight.

Rubberized power and turbo buttons are placed one below the other, so that you can easily press them with your thumb. Buttons are not stubby, but you can not press them, accidentally catching your finger, for this requires to recess the button about 3 mm. This means that the design is safe enough, but still note: the lock, like most models on the market, there is no.

Push-button attachment and detachment system: 2-button attachment detachment. Nozzle installation is smooth, you can not go wrong with its position and the bottom nozzles are made of so-called “soft” plastic, which does not slip it is made of the same for the grip zone on the handle of the blender . It’s nice that such little details are thought out.

Noise level can be described as low – even at maximum speed.


Smooth speed change, 5 approximate basic levels there are 13 marks in total on the speed selector and turbo mode.

Unfortunately, the scope of this test does not include testing all the features of the device, but it has them: in fact, it can replace the food processor, since it is equipped with a large bowl, grater and shredder.


Vegetables. The machine did a fine job with the broccoli and potatoes. There are small pieces left, of course, but really very tiny. Problem solved by extending the chopping time.

Milkshake with frozen strawberries. The first time we got rather mashed strawberries, but the second time, we got one “naughty” berry in a fluffy and practically homogeneous mass. It was a big challenge, but the result is good.

Protein. We had to do some tests with the whites, not because the whisk was bad – we were quite happy with the 30 mm mark and the consistency was quite good: dense and homogeneous. We just couldn’t understand what was wrong? The device is not inferior to the leaders of the test, so why does not the protein rise to 34-35 mm? After searching for the truth about 4 eggs we arrived at the conclusion that the whisk is a bit wider than in most blenders. Just tilt the glass a bit and the foam rises above the 30-mm mark. We have to make sure that the whisk does not touch the sides of the bowl.


The double curved blade and the standard bell-tulip worked very well, although the company does not position or “PR” them in any way.


Stable good results for all indicators, multifunctionality, beautiful lighting, handy handle, optimal speeds and turbo mode, low noise and no vibration, indicating the quality of the motor. Great combination of price, quality and functionality. The most powerful motor among tested models.


We are convinced that such a large European manufacturer should switch over to the production of blenders with a lock, protecting against accidental activation.


Food Processing


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