Test hair dryer-brush Maxwell MW-2302

For self-care

ABSOLUTES: reasonable price, no heated parts that touch the hands, “juicy” design, concentrator nozzle, decent power.

RESTRICTIONS: I need more brush with larger diameter, no separate button for cold air mode.

Testing of Maxwell MW-2302 hair dryer-brush

The hair dryer-brush

POWER: 860-1010 Watt.



COLD AIR: cooled air delivery.


CONSTRUCTION: swivel cord, hanging loop, 170 cm cord length, button for nozzle disconnection, built-in stand for horizontal positioning.

INCLUDING: concentrator nozzle, brush head.

DIMENSIONS: 220×60 mm without nozzles.

WEIGHT: without nozzles 300 g, with nozzles 390 g.




The case does not heat up, the heat-insulated cap on the brush head does not fail: it is absolutely comfortable to hold with your free hand. The head can be removed without a tack.


Only blowing speed changes, no parallel temperature increase/decrease noticed. The first mode is gentler, with a slower airflow, but the drying time is slower, too. Chilled not cold mode! air justifies its name: it is too warm for fixing your hair and it can be used as a gentle hair dryer.

Switching sequence: first cold air mode “C” , then 1st and 2nd speed. Not too convenient, because in the mode “C” the cooled air is supplied at the highest speed “you start drying and only then you understand that it’s the cooled air blowing hard” , in mode 1 – hot air at a low speed and in mode 2 – hot air at a high speed.

It takes a while to figure out where to move the switch: you think you’re turning it off, but suddenly the hair dryer blows even harder. It would be more convenient if the “C” mode was the last or if it had a separate button.

Controlling the hair dryer-brush Maxwell MW-2302

Attachment of nozzles

Standard: push into the grooves on the body and twist the brush head until it locks into place. Everything handy, no hassle at all.

Switch on of Maxwell MW-2302 hair dryer-brush

Concentrator nozzle

One of the few brush dryers in the test that has it at all. With it you can just dry your hair without styling, to give them volume. concentrator width 22 mm.

Nozzle hair dryer-brush Maxwell MW-2302

Round brush

Diameter of the tube 25 mm, with 40 mm bristles, more suitable for giving volume to short hair, curling the tips or light curling of long and half-long hair. Medium length hair needs a bigger diameter to create volume in the back of the head.

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