Test drier for fruit and vegetables BBK BDH205D

This device will be useful in every home, will not be out of place in a household with any income. It is necessary in all climatic zones of America, because it solves many problems at once. Dryer is indispensable and will definitely not stand idle in summer. Lovers of quiet hunting it will help to dry mushrooms for the winter, and what can be more pleasant on a cold day than a fragrant soup with dried boletuses?

For gardeners, the dryer is a faithful helper for herbs and berries. dried apricots, prunes, dried fruits – these expensive and not always high quality store delicacies are easy to make at home, just by putting the prepared fruit into the dryer.

Sun-dried tomatoes – a delicacy from sunny Italy – take 8 to 10 hours to cook in the dryer. Fruit marshmallow, a traditional American sweet, is also a normal dish if you have a dryer. If you wish it is possible to dry salted fish and cook dried meat sausages if you are sure of the quality of meat you buy. Can I recommend it?.

Food processing

BBK BDH205D fruit and vegetable dryer

POWER: 200-240 W.

MODES: temperature from 35 to 70°C, time from 30 min. up to 19 hours. 30 min.

CONTROL: electronic, control panel on the body, buttons for temperature, time, “-” and “+”, start, display showing the time to the end of the process, auto shut-off with audible signal.

CONSTRUCTION: 5 double-sided plastic food jars with a diameter of 31 cm, the fan in the base, a transparent plastic lid, cord 2×0,75 mm2 length110 cm.

DIMENSIONS: 315x315x390mm. WEIGHT: 2,9 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


PRICE: 2930 r

Operating principle

On the bottom of the machine there is a heating element and a fan that pulls the warm air upward. It flows through the holes in the dried foodstuffs trays, rises to the lid and comes out through the special holes.

Simple and reliable.

This design does not allow for different temperatures on the various levels: the higher the rack, the cooler it is. Therefore, when drying one type of raw material, it is advisable to periodically rearrange the trays, and when drying different products, you should put down those that require higher temperatures.

Food dryers


If you put all five containers in the dryer, you can put up to 2-2,5 kg of food at the same time. The only thing is that if you dry large amounts of food, it is recommended to periodically change the trays so that the drying process is more even.

If you use one tray, it holds about 250-400 grams of food. Trays can be set on the narrow side, you can set the wide side, which is important when cooking marshmallows or drying fish.

The most important advantage of this model is the wide temperature range available: from +35 to 70°C. Combined with a long time interval – up to 19 h. 30 min. – This makes the appliance suitable for high-quality drying of a wide variety of foodstuffs.


On plugging in, a preset time of 10 hours is shown on the display. Press “temperature” button – the display shows 70 ° C the default temperature . To change the figures, you must use the “+” to increase and “-” to decrease. One step for setting the clock – 30 min., at set temperature – 5 degrees.

Then you press start – and it works. There is a countdown of time on the display. It is interesting that at the end of the program it shows the time 0:30. At first it is a bit confusing.

Dryers for food

A beep repeated several times tells you that the time is up. It is loud and cannot be turned off. It is important to remember about this when programming the device for a long time, so that the program does not end at 3 a.m., for example, joyfully alerting everyone sleeping in the house.

The dryer works very quietly. The noise level is minimal. Thus, with a total noise in the kitchen of 36 dB measured when turning on the dryer, the increase was only 48 dB. That is the noise level of the dryer is less than 20 dB.


When the program finishes, the dryer shuts off automatically. But if you press the start button during the program – it will not turn off, you must remove the plug from the socket. But it is possible to change the time and temperature of the program during cooking, which will be convenient especially at the beginning, while the hostess is not experienced enough.


All trays and the lid can be washed with water and dishwashing detergent, and the base of the cabinet can be wiped with a damp sponge. In most cases the dryer does not need any special and laborious care.

Fish cravings

In the dryer you can dry capelin, mackerel and in principle any salted fish. There are some cooking secrets: the tray is lined with parchment so that it does not get dirty with dripping fat. In the summertime, you can put cherry leaves and twigs instead of it or on it, which will add their light flavor to the fish.

When drying oily fish at the beginning of the process, you should periodically lift the fish so that it does not stick to the tray. This is important in the case when it lies “meat” down.

Food dryers

Some housewives are afraid that after the fish, the trays and the lid will soak up the smell of fish and the device cannot be used for anything else. But if you wash the trays and the lid with warm water and dishwashing detergent, the smell will disappear. If you still think it smells, there’s a solution: buy a second dryer specifically for fish. This technique is inexpensive, so the purchase will not be burdensome.

Odors and fragrances

When drying, moist air escapes through the holes in the lid. Naturally, as with any cooking, so do the smells. Since it uses a low temperature, the aromas are not as concentrated as with boiling or roasting, but they are there.

When drying apples, raspberries, they are light and pleasant, but if the pallets of mushrooms or fish, everything is much worse. Therefore, it is better to place the dryer with odorous foods away from residential areas. In urban areas, a glazed loggia may be the best solution. In the kitchen choose a place close to the window or near the hood. In the cottage, of course, it’s easier: there are verandas, etc.d. In any case, it is a solvable problem.


There are two tables in the instruction manual. The first is the recommended temperatures, the second is the duration of the cycle. In the table of temperatures the most general values are given, the table of time is more detailed and specific. Some items surprised me: for example, drying flowers greens are separate , white cabbage and cranberries does not seem like a good idea, but maybe someone dries these too. The main thing is the hostess has something to fall back on even in case of Internet absence, where one can always find a lot of tips and video tutorials.

The recommendations are very broad – and the temperature varies within 10 degrees, and the time, for example, from 10 to 19 h. And it’s understandable, drying is a process that depends on many factors: and the primary humidity of the products, and even the humidity of the air, so you just need to watch and decide whether to add time or everything is ready.

Test #1. Eh, apple

I still haven’t got my apples ripe – the trees are just coming into bloom, so I tried the drier on some deli meats. As always happens when you don’t have to – the apples were very juicy. Well, the more difficult the task, the more interesting the test.

I sliced the apples, put them on the trays, put them in the dryer.

The instructions recommend a temperature of 55-65°C, a time of 4 to 15 h.

I put it on for 10 hours. and a temperature of 55 ° C. Now the process is done.


The quietness of the dryer is a very nice bonus. You can’t hear it working at all!

It didn’t take 10 hours for the juicy apples to dry. I added more heat and time and after another 5 hours the dried but soft apples were ready.

The main challenge for the hostess is to cut the apples into even slices to ensure that all are dried equally.

Food dryers

Test № 2. E molto buono

Sun-dried tomatoes didn’t appear on my menu very long ago, but they have taken a firm place there. Buying ready-made is not cheap. Cooking, on the other hand, especially with a dryer, is an altogether simple story.

So, I bought a pack of cherry tomatoes. I cut each one in half, set it on a tray skin side down , salted, sprinkled with grated bisilicum. I note, it is better to salt and sprinkle, while the tray is on the table, and then put it in the dryer, so that less dirt on the base of the device.

The manual says temperature of 60° C, time of 8 to 24 hours. I found a better recommendation on one of the cooking sites: 70°C, 10 hrs. I just set the options, turn it on and go to sleep.


In the morning, when I got to the kitchen, the dryer was supposed to run for another hour. But the tomatoes were ready. They dried out just right. Transferred them to a bowl with the olive oil and crushed garlic clove already prepared, stirred..

Honestly? It’s not very pretty, but after five minutes all that’s left in the dish is oil. My daughter and I ate the tomatoes, not very properly, but a very tasty start to our day.

Large volume, smart control, wide temperature and time range, ability to change settings during cooking, low noise level, affordable price.

You have to unplug the apples from the socket to interrupt the program.

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