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In 2010, Dantex added two new series of convection type heaters to its range: the Elite SE45 and the Digital SD4. In order to evaluate how well the performance indicators meet the passport data, at the initiative of TH “White Guard” an independent testing of new products was carried out in the testing center of “Rostest-New York.

How they were tested?

Technical features: The new heaters do not burn oxygen and are completely silent. The samples meet the standard of dust and moisture protection class IP24 , are equipped with sensors protecting against overheating and changes in room temperature accuracy of 0,1 ° C .

Each series has different capacities 0.5 1 1.5 and 2 kW depending on the size of the room to be heated.

Functional tests: tested heating and maintaining the set temperature – power consumption, time of heating the test chamber, range of temperature change in the room after heating and power consumption to maintain it temperature on the device body time of heating up to the working condition, etc. p.

Safety assessment: structural integrity, mechanical resistance of components and their joints, fire resistance, moisture resistance, protection against contact with live parts, quality of internal wiring and insulation, safety when disconnecting from the network, quality of external flexible cords, availability of grounding, etc. p.

Usability assessment: easy and accessible manual, easy way to fix the device, thermostat control, labeling, etc. p.

Test results

Dantex Elite SE45 convector. All product characteristics, as described by the manufacturer, correspond to actual parameters.

The model meets the safety requirements of GOST R 52161.2.30-2007. In particular, during operation the temperature of the front side of the case did not exceed +60 ºC.

The device quickly reached operating mode in about 10 minutes and showed its cost-effectiveness: For heating a test chamber with a volume of 8 cubic meters 60 cubic feet it was able to heat the air in a few minutes. The heater only consumed 2.2 kW in 3 hours.

Dantex Elite SE45 heated the room to the preset temperature of +30 ºC, while the graph of the room heating was very smooth and without jumps. Laboratory staff called this heating comfortable.

Dantex Digital SD4-15 convector. All characteristics of the product, specified by the manufacturer, were confirmed by tests.

The model meets the safety requirements of GOST R 52161.2.30-2007. In the test chamber, the appliance needed approximately 2.4 kWh to raise the temperature by 10°C and maintain it for 3 hours. The heater reached operating mode in about 7 minutes. and warm the room to the set value of +30 ºC.

Rostest Conclusion:

Dantex Elite SE45 convector. According to the results of the tests, the laboratory specialists noted in the appliance:

– smoothness and comfort of heating

– compactness of the device

– economy

– the accuracy of temperature regulation

– stability of operation at low 187 V and high 240 V voltages

– safety.

The Dantex Elite Series convector is best used as an additional space heater on a regular basis due to the smooth output at the set temperature and the same smooth maintenance of it.

The device is suitable not only for homes and offices, but also for special institutions with high security requirements kindergartens, schools and hospitals .

The heater operates properly at voltage fluctuations, so its installation is also relevant in country houses, cottages, offices – everywhere, where permanently or periodically there is a low or high voltage in the electric network.

Dantex Digital SD4-15 convector. According to the test results, the laboratory specialists noted the following product’s characteristics

– efficiency

– economy

– quick access to operating mode

– accuracy of temperature regulation

– stability of operation at low 187V and high 240V voltages

– safety.

The Dantex Digital series convector is fully compliant with quality and safety standards and is optimally suited for applications with significant temperature fluctuations or where additional heating is required infrequently.

The heater is also suitable for quick and effective heating of the room as an additional source of heat, e.g. in summer houses, country houses or offices. Furthermore, the deviation of the mains voltage from the nominal, often observed in such places, does not affect the stability of the Dantex Digital SD4-15.

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