Test Blender REDMOND RSB-CBM3400

Brilliant design, a jug of thick durable glass, high power claimed.

REDMOND RSB-CBM3400 is positioned and looks like a premium model.

And how will this blender in the work?

Can it make a smoothie and is there much more functionality in an expensive blender?



Price: 8999 Dollars.

Functions: chops, mixes and whips.

Suitable for chopping vegetables, fruits, berries, honey, nuts, oatmeal, yogurt and milk, whipping eggs and cream, as well as crushing ice.

3 modes: Smoothie, Pulse and Ice Crush.

Operation: suitable for chopping vegetables, fruits, berries, honey, nuts, oatmeal, yogurt and milk, whipping eggs and cream, as well as for ice crushing.

Run time: 2-3 minutes, timeout between turning on 10 min.

Bowl: glass jug, maximum volume 1.8 l. Graduations from 600 to 1800 ml, in steps of 200 ml. On the other side is the graduation in OZ.

Accessories: one bowl with lid and measuring cup – plug, recipe book, key.

Safe: the blender will not start if the bowl is missing, overheat protection with automatic shut-off.

Power: rated at 1200 watts, the maximum power is 2000 watts.

Construction: 4-blade knife made of stainless steel,

body – height 20 cm, bowl – height 19 cm

Power cord – 3×0.75 mm2 thickness, 1 m length.

Dimensions: 420 × 175 mm.

Warranty: 2 years.

Manufacture country: PRC.



REDMOND RSB-CBM3400 blender is part of the limited Chrome and Bronze series.

The model has a very interesting design.

Chrome body, large jug of thick glass – this combination is often used in hi-tech appliances. But the REDMOND RSB-CBM3400 is different from most, thanks to the special design of the control panel.

Mode buttons, switch and logo are in a bronze color, which is more inherent to the technique of retro style.

The unusual combination of chrome and bronze makes the REDMOND RSB-CBM3400 blender look really stylish, and it will also look great in any kitchen style and trend.

This blender is one of the tallest and biggest in our test.

Heavy tall body stands on feet with anti-slip coating. Decorative cover on the outside of the feet. The weight of the blender also protects it from vibration during operation.

The cord is long enough, and it is thicker than other models participating in the test, which is due to the high power of the blender.

The jug is made of 5mm thick glass.

The classic style handle with its clear shape fits neatly in your hand. Oval-shaped spout allows you to pour drinks into glasses without spilling the contents on the table.

The jug can be inserted into the body in several positions, as long as the grooves on the jug and the body match.

The black plastic lid matches the color of the case trim. It is equipped with a rubberized part that ensures a tight closure of the jug.

Removable cup – the plug of transparent plastic has no graduations on the walls, which does not allow it to be used as a measuring cup.

Blade with 4 blades, two smooth blades pointing upward, two serrated blades pointing downward. Blades are made of stainless steel.

REDMOND blender

Checking comfort

I like it

You can set the pitcher on top of the body in any position you want

. It is especially convenient if there is a left-handed person in the family – it will be as comfortable for him as for the right-handed people. The jug is removable just as easily.

The lid closes with effortless ease.

The cord is long, so the blender can be placed far enough away from the power source. There is no space on the bottom of the body for reeling in the cord, so it will always be visible.

The blender does not turn on without a jug. But without a lid it turns on, so don’t forget about it, otherwise you’ll have to wash the walls and ceiling.

REDMOND RSB-CBM3400 controls


Control panel located on the body.

The blender has three buttons for activating the various operating modes and a continuously variable speed control knob.

When the blender is plugged in, the ring indicator lights up. It lights up even when the switch is set to OFF.

Mode buttons start to flash when you turn the switch to the On position. When a mode is activated, the indicator for the selected button lights up and the lights on the other buttons go out.

Mode names are given in English. Labels are clear, crisp and responsive.

Use the rotary knob to increase the speed of the blade. It has no automatic modes, no light on the buttons.

REDMOND RSB-CBM3400 control

The regulator is large handy, turns easily even with a wet hand.

The device is equipped with an automatic shutdown system in case of overheating. The automatic shutdown signalizes the exceeding of the recommended operating time. If the motor suddenly stops during operation, unplug the appliance and let it cool for 30 minutes.

Check out the functionality

REDMOND RSB-CBM3400 blender with girls

This blender has three automatic modes:

  • The basic Smoothie mode is suitable for whipping cream, eggs, creams, milkshakes, pureed vegetables and fruits.
  • Pulse function is designed for more thorough grinding of food. When you turn it on, the blender works in pulses: periodically stops and then starts chopping again. This allows you to control food processing and grind to the most homogeneous consistency.
  • Ice Crush mode for rapidly crushing ice and frozen berries for naturally frozen smoothies and beverages. The same mode can be used for chopping nuts and hard roots, such as celery root.

In addition, there is a “manual” mode: by turning the knob you set the speed of the blade.

As part of our comparison test, I tested the ability to make drinks and smoothies. The blender copes with this task without difficulty, and in any mode of operation. Just as easily the blender copes with the crushing of ice, if you add it to the overall mixture.

Smoothies are made without pieces. Ice is crushed into fine crumbs.

No complications: in literally 20-30 seconds a drink for 3-4 people is ready.

Measured power did not exceed 516 watts. This is more than in other tested models, but significantly lower than the one declared.

Since the jug is made of glass, for this blender there is no restriction on the temperature of the mixture, it can puree hot soup before serving.



The manufacturer recommends that you start the self-cleaning function: “

For quick cleaning, fill the jug with lukewarm water to the 0.5 l mark and add a few drops of detergent. Start pulse mode. After a short time turn off the device, remove the jug and rinse it thoroughly under running water


It is recommended to wash the jug and the lid by hand, dishwashing detergent.

Overall impression

BLENDERY redmond

This blender is suitable for those who regularly for the whole family makes smoothies, smoothies, likes to make all kinds of homemade sauces, and cooks them in large enough portions more than 500 ml .

Multiple modes and infinitely variable speed allow you to be creative in cooking different foods.

The blender is not only functional, but also very attractive, looks expensive and dignified.

redmond smoothie

Brilliant design, three automatic modes, stepless speed adjustment, bright display, thick glass jug.

The inscriptions on the panel in English, the blender turns on without a lid.


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