Test BBK MG2003 meat grinder: I want so much love after meatballs

Electric mincer is not only the ability to quickly make mincemeat for all kinds of dishes, but also confidence in the quality of cutlets, sausages, stuffed cabbage rolls – all that will be cooked from the ground meat or fish, it is an alternative to store pre-prepared foods and healthy lifestyle style


BBKM G2003 electric meat grinder

POWER: 500 Watt input, max 2000 Watt.

PRODUCTIVITY: claimed 1.5 kg/min.

FUNCTIONALITY: preparation of mincemeat, sausages, kebbe.


mechanical, push-button on/off./off.,

reverse on the body,

color indicator.


3 perforated discs hole diameter 7,5,3 mm ,

nozzle for making sausages,

kebbe nozzle,

recipe book.


5 min max continuous operating time., 10 min break.,

metal food tray,

storage compartment for utensils,

Handle for easy carrying

POWER SUPPLY WIDTH: 2×0.75 mm2, cord length – 115 cm.

DIMENSIONS:280x175x255 mm.WEIGHT:3,25 kg.



food processing

First impressions

The multi-food grinder is compact, lightweight and easy to carry with its handle. All this makes the appliance mobile, you can take it with you in summer to use at the cottage. The lettuce color of the control panel and storage compartment for nozzles enhances the summer mood. The rubber feet on the base of the blender stand firmly on even slippery surfaces.

Assemble the working unit is simple enough, the only thing you have to get used to a little when you insert the meat grinder unit into the body: it is not completely clear whether it clicks clockwise or counterclockwise. But even the first time it took no more than 10-20 seconds.


After taking all the parts out of the box, I was first surprised to count only one perforated disk. Honestly, I was even upset, I thought that the company has saved on such an important component. Only when I turned the grinder in all directions, I saw the back side of the lettuce door, behind which on the shelf in a neat pouch, oiled, two more perforated discs were hidden.

But the additional plastic nozzles – for kebbe and sausages – will have to store in the kitchen drawer, they have no place in the meat grinder body.

Assessment of controls

On the side of the body, highlighted in color, are two buttons – on off, selector switch, and selector switch./ off. and reverse. The reverse button works briefly and only when you press it with your finger. Reverse mode for emergencies when you need to spin the auger back a little.

During the entire test, I did not need to resort to this mode even once. By the way, in many years of using electric mincing machines I have never needed reverse. But it’s good that it’s provided.

On/Off button./ off. It is very responsive. In order to remove the working unit, you need to press the white button on the front panel. Everything runs smoothly and effortlessly.

Evaluate the functionality

The manual says that the mincer has a capacity of 1.5 kilograms per minute. This is very much and in principle not particularly important. After all, you hardly need more than a kilogram of minced meat in one cooking, and there is no fundamental difference between one or two minutes.

Electric meat grinders handle meat so quickly that in any case, it often takes less time to make mincemeat than to assemble/disassemble the machine and wash it. For 5 minutes, which is how long this device can work uninterruptedly, it is possible to prepare a huge quantity of stuffing.

Food processing

But still. Let’s see what the meat grinder can do.

The conditions for the home test are stricter than in the lab: there, the meat is sliced to a certain size and fed quickly, so that not a second is wasted.

I was just checking to see how long it would take to make minced meat under normal conditions. I set the grid with holes 7 mm, cut the meat into big chunks, put the meat grinder and a stopwatch on – in a minute a kilo of beef has become a perfectly cooked minced meat. Actual performance at home:1 kg of beef per minute.


Have you ever noticed that most mincing machines squeeze minced meat in a mass through the grate instead of coming out as neat “ribbons” from each hole?? This happens if the knife does not cope well with its duties. So I wanted to check how the knife interacts with the disk, and what quality minced meat the unit makes.

As for the first dough, using a disc with large holes certainly makes it easier, but beef is not an easy meat, especially coarsely sliced. The stuffing turned out amazing, smoothly and coarsely ground, it’s necessary for many dishes, for example for making bolognese sauce.


This time I made it a bit more difficult for the mincer: I took a disc with a hole diameter of 5 mm. Meat – turkey, thigh fillet with veins and membranes and breast. Weight -800 g. Time it took the grinder – 50 seconds. It is clear that when using the grid with smaller holes, it works a little slower.

The result – great, the meat is not pressed through, the mince is nice and smooth.

On the disk with the smallest holes I have not checked the operation of the meat grinder because it is designed for recycling minced meat. Not all housewives know that not only manufacturers, but also chefs recommend that if you need delicate minced meat, pass the meat through the mincer twice: the first time – using a disk with large holes, the second time – a disk with small holes.


A very important part of any mincer is the clamping ring. Its shape and design depends on how easily the multi-food grinder can be disassembled after use. This meat grinder has a great ring – with large protrusions, non-slip. It is easy to unscrew after work, no need to call for help from someone with strong hands, everything is quite simple.


The knife with four sharp blades is firmly fixed in its place when assembled and is easy to remove for washing, which is also important. I would like to add that my “native” meat grinder, a very well-known European brand, sometimes has to be removed using a knife with a thin blade. This has never happened with BBK: the knife is easy to remove.

Discs should not be kept in water for a long time, they can darken, it is recommended to wash and wipe them dry immediately. Noise level of meat grinder is high. I measured with a noise meter on my smartphone – the background noise increases by about 40 dB when I turn on the meat grinder.


In normal use, it is important how clean the meat grinder is inside after finishing work: how many pieces of meat are left inside on the auger and the walls of the body. In this mincer, the result is within normal limits, but not ideal: the meat is spun completely, but sticks to the walls, and after finishing work, you have to remove it from there. The total amount of “loss” is small: about 5-7 grams per kilogram. You could actually just rinse them off with a strong stream of water.

Meat grinder


Included with the mincer is a color brochure with recipes. It’s always nice, it helps to remind you of dishes you rarely cook, try something new and diversify your menu. The book contains recipes from different cuisines and suggests looking at familiar dishes in a new way, for example, adding broccoli to soup with meatballs.

My kids, after looking through the book, immediately rushed to cook a Mexican burrito, while I wanted to try making Italian cutlets with different kinds of cheese and lemon peel. The only remark: there is no recipe for kebbe in the book, although the attachment for them is included.

Tasting kebbe

Kebbe are such hollow meat sausages, which are stuffed with pine nuts, vegetables, the same minced meat. The meat grinder is used in two steps: first the usual way with a knife and disk to prepare minced meat, then the knife and disk are removed, the attachment for kebbe is installed, and proceed to the preparation of tubes. To get them, the mince must be moderately dry, viscous, but not sticky.

Often couscous or bulgur is added to it. You can find a lot of recipes, so every owner of a BBK meat grinder will be able to try to make their own kebbe. I will definitely continue to cook with the BBK meat grinder and will tell you about my kebabs and homemade sausages very soon. [Making homemade sausage in a BBK meat grinder]

Product handling


BBKMG2003 meat grinder turns even thickly sliced meat into minced meat well and quickly. Main attachments can be stored in a special compartment right on the body. The meat grinder is compact and easy to carry by the handle. The model has a high performance, speed and quality of work.


Reasonable price, high functionality, extensive range of options.


Noisy operation.

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