Test AV-receiver Pioneer VSX-LX55

Shelf speakers

Plenty of features, good switching, improved compatibility with Apple devices.


Wall Mounted Speakers

Poorly suited for music, insufficiently versatile remote control.

Pioneer VSX-LX55 AV receivers

Design Features

Six HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs on the rear, especially useful for movie buffs who like to put a projector and TV in the same room. Vintage analog switching and S/PDIF are available in almost full range, but in small numbers. Integration options are wide, with triggers, IR receiver input, RS-232.

AV-receivers Pioneer VSX-LX55

Service features

Set of decoders fully meets the requirements of today, all tracks from all available disks will be played at their best. HDMI video switching with upscaling to 1080p meets the requirements of the latest TVs and players, the picture is transmitted without loss and even in some cases superior to the original. Supported by the rest of the video circuitry, it also works in 3D.

But the main features of this novelty are networking and interaction with Apple devices. As well as docking to iPods using the traditional wired connection a cable is included and the USB port can even charge an iPad , AirPlay support is also available.

This wireless technology is compatible with many “apples” and computers with iTunes. The traditional problem of usa technology, namely the tiresome process of adjusting and matching devices, has already been completely solved here.

Connection to the home network is possible both via LAN and via Wi-Fi. The DLNA protocol allows you to play a wide range of audio files, located on home computers and active servers, and Internet radio provides access to global audio collections.

Sound quality

Claimed power is an impressive 150W for each of the seven channels. But it is achieved only when one channel is loaded and the impedance of the speakers is 6 ohms. On more widespread 8 ohm loudspeakers and multi-channel tracks this figure drops considerably. So for best results the acoustics should be compact and highly sensitive.

The special effects are especially good: due to the precise localization in space and a wide stereo panorama the effect of presence is achieved by one hundred percent. The high-frequency range is clean and moderately sharp, which makes the sound bright and detailed.

Melody and musicality can be recorded in the passive. The interpretation of the audio tracks is not smooth, the accents are sometimes set too assertively. Not all genres suits such vigor, and in the voices sometimes slip synthetic notes.

There are no perfect devices, equally suitable for music and cinema for reasonable money, so, in our opinion, all decisions are made correctly here. You buy this kind of equipment for movies, and it does the best job with them.


Besides the listed functional and design advantages, it is impossible not to mention the ease of control, making all this abundance of features convenient and accessible. An elaborate graphical interface and well-organized, even without affecting the appearance, remote control brighten up everyday communication with the device, and the auto-tuning system saves the user effort in the process of calibration.

All in all, the LX55 is yet another superb product from Pioneer that has been well thought out in every respect and builds on the many years of experience of the company’s engineers. It would serve as an ideal centerpiece for the most advanced home theater configuration.

The only thing that is necessary for full success is to take into account the size of the room and choose the correct acoustics. We recommend a small room up to 20 sq.m. for this model, where you’ll be able to place the subwoofer in a separate room. m , Hi-Fi class bookshelf speakers and the best subwoofer your budget can afford.

The finished system will be especially good for action movies, sci-fi and video games. You really need a multichannel system for such genres.

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