Test AV receiver Onkyo TX-SR578


Great sound, modern equipment, stylish design.



Few HDMI inputs, no LAN and USB, little remote control versatility.

Onkyo TX-SR578 AV receiver

Design Features

Port set is moderately representative and quite modest in number. All kinds of analog connections except S-Video and multi-channel audio. Four HDMI ports – minimum package, but the latest version 1.4 provides switching of the 3D signal. Especially worth noting the high-level outputs of the amplifier. Here, in addition to the usual set of seven screw terminals, we use one more pair on terminals.

It serves to connect the “upper front” – two additional speakers, designed to expand the front panorama. However, as there are seven amplification channels, it is possible to activate them only by switching off the rear center.

This exchange does not look equal, because separate information for the rear center is present on most Blu-ray discs, while the additional front is isolated by the receiver’s processor from the sound track and does not carry anything new.

But in case the installation of a second pair of rear channels is impossible and bi-amping of the main fronts is irrelevant, this variant is not deprived of a certain appeal.

The only port for iPod-dock is present as a means of connecting with digital devices, so the receiver can be referred to the classics, designed for movies and music coming from the usual players.

However, even the most budget models of network media players traditionally cope with DLNA, UPnP and other delights of super modern systems much more effectively than expensive receivers. If you have one in the cinema set, this drawback ceases to bother you one hundred percent.

Sufficiently powerful amplifier of the proprietary WRAT system provides up to 130 W of power per channel, is capable of sharp transitions and carefully treats the entire frequency range. Nowadays it becomes more and more difficult to find a receiver with a decent analog part, so this is a serious argument in favor of Onkyo.

Service Functions

The first thing that meets the user in any new receiver – autotuning. Here’s a proven Audissey product that stands out

AV receiver Onkyo TX-SR578

with enviable accuracy even in the harsh conditions of heavily furnished living rooms. It is unlikely you will have to adjust its parameters manually.

A set of decoders includes absolutely all current formats, and several soundfield programs let you hear familiar audio tracks in a new light. ProLogic IIz will help to reproduce any material in multichannel, including with the use of additional fronts.

Video part is equipped with scaler that raises picture resolution to Full HD and converts analog signals to HDMI. So you can easily connect to your TV. All the characteristics of the image from the best players Deep Color, 3D Frame Packing, x.v.Color are transmitted to the display in its entirety.

Sound quality

Onkyo TX-SR578 AV receiver

Despite the democratic price tag, the sound amazes with the scale of panorama and the full coverage of the frequency range. You’d expect this from a much more expensive model, so it is no exaggeration to say that this is a real piece of Hi-Fi.

The device perfectly manages to convey the emotionality of orchestral accompaniment as well as to put the viewer into the thick of the action movie events due to the precisely localized effects. In video games, this feature simply takes the process to a new level, helping you to shoot your opponents almost blind.

After such a performance of soundtracks you immediately want to try the device in the musical field. CD listening showed that the receiver is quite capable to replace an inexpensive stereo amplifier.

Picky audiophiles might have their faults, but the vast majority of audiophiles will be more than satisfied with the SR578’s performance. If you support them with a good pair of high sensitivity front floor speakers and connect them by bi-amping, the result will even exceed your expectations. So even if you can’t build an eight-channel system in a room, you get all the amps you need.


Onkyo has a truly outstanding product that deserves all possible recommendations. It does not have many HDMI inputs, the lack of them on the front panel can upset the fans of home video streaming, and multimedia and network capabilities are abolished as a class.

But for the main thing – movies and music – it’s unbeatable among similarly priced devices. That is why we buy an AV receiver. Support for the latest technology, including 3D, looks like a nice free bonus in this cocktail.

Appearance of the new receivers Onkyo can be characterized as a return to the eighties. Of course, with adjustments for modern materials and ways of their processing. The aluminum front panel has some massive chopped edges, but the unwieldiness is levelled by the glossy black stripe in the middle where all indicators are installed.

The controls and ports decided not to hide, which enhances the atmosphere of retro. On the whole, the designers managed to give this device vivid individuality without straying too far from the classics.

24,000 Dollars.

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