Test 3D TV Sharp LC40LE830Ru

Full HD LCD TV with LED backlighting with 3D support, 40 inch diagonal


Video equipment

Advantages: high-quality picture with natural colors. Rich set of different service options.

Video equipment

Disadvantages: the TV is well balanced, no significant disadvantages noted. The least of the minor ones is that it takes some time to get used to the navigation process, because of the large number of different functions and features.

Sharp LC40LE830Ru 3D TV


4 HDMI connectors, SD slot, USB connector pointing sideways. Scart jack, composite input, component output. Two USB plugs, antenna jack are pointing down.


Sharp used their patented UV2A UltraViolet-induced Multidomain Vertical Alignment technology when making the LCD panel for the 830 series TVs, which allows for precise control of the alignment of the liquid crystal molecules according to the direction of ultraviolet radiation.

A unique feature of UV2A technology is the formation of a microstructure using a polymer film on the surface of the glass. Polymer chains that protrude above the surface can be photometrically oriented using ultraviolet light.

With this grooved microstructure, the alignment of the liquid crystal molecules can be controlled with very high precision. Such a system makes it possible to adjust the angle of tilt of liquid crystal molecules as small as two nanometers with accuracy measured in picometers.

The model also introduces another Sharp innovation, 3D Quattron, which adds a fourth yellow color to the three primary colors red, green and blue, thereby increasing the number of color tones on the screen for both 2D and 3D images while reducing power consumption.

Scanning Backlight 200 technology improves picture clarity and smooth transitions between frames when watching movies and sports programs. The active contrast control automatically adjusts the picture contrast depending on the scene.

Special mention should be made of the new technology FRED Frame Rate Enhanced Driving , which allows you to update the screen at a frequency of 200 or 240 Hz, using only one wire to control each pixel, unlike the previous generation of panels. Using the FRED technology, light output, according to the manufacturer, is increased by 10% and the number of control chips can be halved, as compared to panels using a two-wire interface to control each pixel.

In addition to technology, additional features such as a USB media player, Time shift function and the ability to access files on a home network server and the Internet can be noted.


The model reveals great color and brightness margin, with rich black and white colors. As a plus of the model we should mention that the colors practically do not change when you change the viewing angle, they only fade a little.

When playing a 1080p signal with HDMI input, the TV resolution is about 800 TV lines, and the motion is smooth. Digital artifacts like combing are practically not noticeable.

Good detail in dark and bright scenes.

The color palette is quite natural, but for the most meticulous viewers a large number of additional color adjustments are provided, for example, for each of the six colors is adjusted brightness, saturation and hue.

Playback is good enough with a 1080i component input to display high quality black tones. Motion is displayed smoothly, although small details are somewhat blurred.

The detail of bright scenes is not bad.

Digital artifacts such as combing on moving oblique lines are not noticeable.

Natural color palette.

Resolution of the signal from this input turned out to be 650-670 TV lines.


The Sharp LC40LE830Ru sound system has average reserve volume with no audible distortion.

There are treble and bass adjustments, as well as several modes of surround sound. For example, a “3D Hall” mode for recreating the feeling of a concert hall with realistic live surround sound, based on reverb measurements taken in a concert hall. “3D Movie” to recreate the feel of a movie theater with surround sound. “3D standard” creates three-dimensional surround sound with detailed signal phasing control.

Autotuning function also has several modes, depending on the degree of volume drops you need to reduce when you switch sources.


Your TV comes with a USB wireless adapter that supports IEEE 802 802.11 a/b/g/n. Once it is connected, you can use a variety of Internet services watching videos, listening to music , as well as browse the Web.

Also wired Internet connection via LAN socket is possible.

You can also select a picture and sound preset when watching 3D. 3D settings such as brightness, surround sound and 2D to 3D conversion are made with color-coded buttons on the remote control. The ‘auto 3D select’ function allows the TV to automatically switch to 3D when a 3D signal is detected.

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