Test 3D TV Philips 42PFL7606H/60


Advantages: a large set of network features, HD Natural Motion technology allows you to display the movements of a very natural and


smooth. Colors do not change when you change the viewing angle.


Weaknesses: slightly noticeable comb on moving oblique lines.

Philips 42PFL7606H/60 3D TV

Full HD LCD TV with 3D support, 42 inches diagonal


Two USB sockets, SD slot, HDMI and CI sockets point sideways.

3 HDMI connectors, D-SUB down. Component jack, SCART and headphone jack – backward.


Ambilight Spectra 2 is a patented technology from Philips that visually magnifies the screen by projecting a soft flicker of light on the wall behind the TV from both sides of the TV. Ambilight automatically adjusts the color and brightness of the backlighting in accordance with the image on the screen, creating an immersive effect.

Adaptive function means the backlight color always matches the picture, no matter what color the walls are. If desired, the user can set the color of the backlighting, as well as select a dim mode, that is, the light when the TV is in standby mode.

Pixel Precise HD technology is based on the award-winning Pixel Plus technology. Support, according to the manufacturer, four trillion colors provides a new level of image quality. With Super Resolution Pixel Precise HD technology designed to deliver high picture quality when watching videos from the Internet or movies on Blu-ray.

In turn, Perfect Motion Rate PMR of 400 Hz is designed to provide high image sharpness even for dynamic scenes. The new PMR standard from Philips is a combination of fast LCD panel refresh rate effects, HD Natural Motion technology and an advanced video processing formula to deliver a crisp image on the move.

Built-in light sensor can adjust the picture parameters to ambient light conditions.

Also at this point it is necessary to tell about the network functions Philips 42PFL7606H/60. For example, with the Net TV function you can access a wide range of different interactive applications, including via the Internet.

Having previously installed the program Wi-Fi MediaConnect on your computer, you can project an image from your computer screen to the TV.

You can stream photos and other content from your phone, tablet or computer and play them back on the big screen.

You can use your iPhone as a second remote control or even as a keyboard. To do this you need to download the Philips Wi-Fi TV Remote app from the pp Store.

Different ways of controlling the TV are also available: you can simply connect a wireless keyboard, and you can also use a smartphone or tablet.


The unit showed great color margin, rich black and white colors. The color does not change when you change the viewing angle, for which Philips 42PFL7606H/60 can only be praised. Renderings of dark scenes are quite detailed.

If desired, the viewer can take advantage of preset picture modes: “bright”, “natural”, “movie”, “standard”, “photo”.

To adjust the color palette provides individual color adjustments.

When playing a signal from the HDMI input, the resolution was about 840 TV lines. Motion is smoothly displayed.

Digital artifacts such as combing are slightly noticeable on moving slanted lines.

Plenty of margin for brightness.

The quality of black shades display is quite good, the detail of bright scenes on an average level.

While playing the signal from the component input the resolution was about 650 TV lines. The motion display can be made with the existing controls smooth enough, though a little comb remains noticeable on the moving oblique lines.

On the factory settings colors may seem a little oversaturated, but there are detailed settings for individual colors.

The detail of bright scenes is average.


Philips 42PFL7606H/60 has enough volume reserve for comfortable viewing.

Preset sound modes are available: “standard”, “news”, “movie”, “game”, “drama”, “sports”.


Note the original design of the remote control – with rounded outlines, in the form of a boat, with lined up elongated horizontally buttons.

The main menu items in the form of icons are not distributed in a line, as on most TVs, but across the plane of the screen.

Available formats: “autofill”, “auto-scaling”, “upscaling”, “widescreen 16:9”, “wide screen”, “not to scale”.

Tamper-proof function will block certain channels for viewing by children.

HDMI-CEC technology makes it possible to control external devices connected to the TV set with the TV remote control.

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