Tefal Freemove cordless iron – cut loose without a cord!

Feeling tethered to your ironing board and with it, your household and boring household chores? Tefal invents the Freemove FV9920 cordless iron, solving this problem once and for all.

Tefal’s first high-powered Freemove cordless iron FV9920 revolutionises ironing. Forget the cord that cramps your style and crumples your clothes. With Freemove FV9920 you can maneuver the iron from hand to hand with ease and playfully and you can even iron on the go.

Tefal Freemove iron

Incredibly mobile, the Freemove FV9920 is as efficient as a corded iron: with 2400 Watt and up to 170 g/min steam impact. The iron works long hours in standalone mode and charges from the base in seconds. No sooner have you turned over your duvet cover or shirt than the appliance is ready to go again. With Tefal, you no longer have to choose between convenience and results!

The design of Freemove FV9920 iron provides unbeatable comfort. Research shows that when you iron with a regular iron you have to twist your knuckles 58 times in an hour. Tefal specialists took this into account when creating this cordless innovation. The horizontal parking system of the new Freemove FV9920 makes ironing intuitively easy and fun, without straining the hands. The base of the iron clips securely onto the ironing board at whatever angle you want.

Tefal’s Freemove FV9920 cordless iron is powerful, ergonomic and exceptionally comfortable, giving you revolutionary freedom of movement. Who would have thought ironing would be so easy and fun?!

Freemove FV9920 price is 5999 Dollars.

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