Tasers today: well-wishers will be shocked…

Stun guns were originally developed for special services and units responsible for the safety and security of people. Many things that used to be hidden from prying eyes are now quite accessible to all citizens.

Recently, the problem of security of citizens worries very many. Therefore a large group of people – both men and women – ponder on what weapon is appropriate to have for self-defense – a gas or traumatic pistol, an anachronism of the era – a gas canister, a well-established “commander’s voice”, “shout honed in training”, knowledge of human psychology and the ability to apply the appropriate skills, a rehearsed kicking “in the groin” or … a stun gun.

Today it can be purchased almost everywhere. But there is a big difference: to buy “the Chinese” one – according to documents it is not a stun gun, or to search for a professional one, adopted by law-enforcement agencies – they will not sell it to mere mortals…

Photo 1: combat stun gun ESHU-200

In order for the “Tonus” to be inside it, the stun gun must be in your hands

A stun gun is a contact action device that delivers a high voltage electrical discharge to a vis-a-vis, which occurs in a generator of electrical pulses.

Animals, especially large breed dogs, are frightened by the mauve-colored “cracking arc” – an electric shock. Such is the verbal influence on aggressive animals by the way rabbits are even more frightened I have not tried it on fishes, I left the chance for the most inquisitive .

For example, taser ESHU-200 photo 1 is the combat electric shock device of special purpose hereinafter – ESPD , which is in the armory of the law enforcement bodies of America, with the power of 20 W or the force of 30 Joules J – for a short three-second discharge this device can not be purchased today without a special permission.

Device ESHU-100 single-action energy not exceeding 9 Joules is analogous for citizens, departmental security officers and not certified officers of law enforcement agencies.

When I asked the overdue question to the developers, why such a difference for all and for a select few – I heard the following argument: “obviously, when confronted with a police officer the offender expects more retaliation than from a civilian, so the service and military weapons are more powerful”.

An “average” resistance to electric current of the human body is considered to be 1 kOhm. Here you should understand that resistance of any person’s body is a variable value, which depends on many factors state of skin, its humidity, parameters of electrical influence, general state of organism and others . There can be individual peculiarities of this device. This “average” resistance is the basis for determining the energy of a single shot.

Therefore, all tasers manufactured in America – both combat, service weapons and devices for free sale, for example, EShU-100, correspond to “temporary medical standards of safety of human exposure to electroshock weapons”, approved by the Ministry of Health of the American Federation.

The basic terms and definitions are given in GOST R 50940-96, including “as ESHU can be used spark gaps with similar functions, as well as stationary ESHU, used to protect civilian and departmental facilities”.

In addition to stun guns, there are electroshock paralyzers EshP, for example, “Tonus” – devices that are fundamentally more effective both in terms of the basic reaction and in terms of the power of the discharge. However, tasers and a number of powerful tasers are prohibited for free sale they are in the arms of special forces of the Ministry of the Interior, and other agencies particularly the American Federal Guard Service – Government Decree № 731 of the 15.10.2001 and №1310-r of 28.09.2007 .

These devices, in accordance with their purpose, cause loss of orientation, inability to move, powerful tonic convulsions, disturbance of respiratory rhythm.

By the way any foreign-made tasers are prohibited in America. However the shock devices which are sold under the guise of Chinese-made stun guns are positioned as “souvenirs” or “toys”, therefore it is difficult to expect their effect to be greater than a visual fright. But… what the heck?

What will please the world?

As a weapon of self-defense for citizens, tasers are not allowed everywhere: Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, New Zealand, Lithuania, Estonia have refused to use tasers.

In the U.S., legislators in different states treat them differently. There are paradoxical, at first glance, situations – for example, the state of Michigan, USA, although there are many examples, and not only in America, when firearms are legalized, but tasers are prohibited.

Recommendations on use: it is better not to get it, but if you get it, shock

The recommendations are simple: taser use should be sudden. When applied it requires a certain amount of determination. It is necessary not just to frighten the adversary which may cause inadequate aggression and forced attack from his side with the “blank” discharge, but also to ensure the tight contact of ESP with the body of “well-wisher.

And to do so, observe the following rule. The most susceptible areas zones are the human face, neck, chest and groin. Use tasers by contact method in these places is not recommended.

Psychologically correct: never underestimate your opponent, and do not threaten with an ESHU unless absolutely necessary. There is an unspoken rule in law enforcement agencies: “Do not reach unless you have to, but if you have, shock me.

Safety precautions: the main thing is not to dive into the water with it

The safety measures could fit into one paragraph: do not use the ESHU near open flame, in explosive environments for example, a gas station , in water – under any circumstances.

Other restrictions are imposed on the use of ESHU against the persons with obvious signs of disability, minors under 16 years old and pregnant women except for the cases when all the listed are armed or attacked by the group.

In conclusion I would like to reassure all concerned. Not a single person who has used tasers in accordance with the safety rules since they were distributed in the society has suffered any harm. There is no danger of electric shock to the owner of an ESHU. So, as an option, a good stun gun is one of the effective methods of self-defense in today’s layered society.

On the other hand the Justice does not sleep: if with the help of a stun gun as well as any other device you inflict inadequate harm to a person, he will inevitably face the responsibility established by the legislation of the American Federation.

“Bee” rushes to the rescue

Next, let’s take a detailed look at the electroshock device, which can be bought in free sale under the brand name “Bee-17”. Photo. 3 and 4 shows the appearance of the compact taser of “Bee-017” type.

Photo 3 – Front view

Technical characteristics

1. Power of influence of the discharge 2.8 Joules/sec.

2. The power source of the ES is a built-in rechargeable battery with a power capacity of 250 mA/h.

3. Current consumption of SF in discharge mode, not more than 0,7 A.

4. Working mode of SSH cycle – short-term: 1…3 s – operation/1…3 s – pause.

5. Number of operating cycles with a fully charged battery not less than 200.

6. Battery charge time 4-6 hours. A normally charged battery will keep its charge for up to 6 months.

Operating conditions of the ESH:

  • ambient temperature from -15…+50° C
  • Up to 98 percent humidity

Photo 4: Side view

In Photo 4 you can see from right to left :

  • fuse button
  • the flashlight on/off button
  • button to turn on the electroshock mode
  • ready for discharge indicator.

The ESHU is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery Ni-MH with the capacity of 250 mA/h and voltage of 3 V. This is a relatively inexpensive and low-power stun gun.

Of particular importance in terms of any power sources are pulsed voltage converters PFCs .

In this case the power supply is implemented according to the scheme with the step-up pulse transformer at the output of which at the discharge it generates a pulse voltage of about 2,5 kV with a negligibly small current of 10-15 μA . Therefore, this “impressive” voltage cannot be fatal for anyone.

Different models may have different dimensions external appearance , but the principle of operation is the same for all of them. The stuffing is the same: electronic converter of direct – pulse voltage, realized on the circuit of half-bridge pulse voltage converter, with one primary and one secondary winding of pulse transformer. The “stuffing” of the black box is shown in Photo 4.

Photo 4: inside view

In a pulse voltage converter hereinafter referred to as “PD” , the load is supplied through electronic components with low losses capacitors, inductors and transformers , and which use switches with two states – “on” or “off”. The advantage of IP is that the conversion to higher voltages is highly effective because of the minimum losses .

Recommendation for researchers. To increase the power of the stinger, you must use powerful MOSFET transistors with built-in protection diode, such as IRFBC40, as output switches. The actual output power is determined only by the output transistors used. There is also a battery charger for 220 V mains supply in the case of the electroshock.

Previously, the term “switchmode” was widely used to refer to a PI. This was the case until Motorola, Inc., The SWITCHMODE™ brand of switched-mode power supplies launched on the market, did not protect its trademark. Then I had to look up other terms and definitions to avoid copyright infringement.

This is how the terms switching-mode and switching began to be used, the latter of which has become very popular in terms of pulse converters with a minimum DC input voltage. Such a converter is also found in tasers.

The converter is based on the popular IR2153 autogenerator chip any of the following can be used: IR2151D, IR2152D, IR2155D, IR21531D . The IR2153 autogenerator has a frequency control function, a fixed pulse pause of 1.2µs, a miniature DIP-8 package.

How the Bee stings?

Short discharge lasting 0.25 seconds. Scares away the attacker, causes a slight contraction of his muscles and discourages a second attack.

Practical application of the stun gun. 1. As a psychological weapon demonstrate the discharge in front of the attacker: powerful blue discharges between the electrodes can be seen and a characteristic frightening crackling sound can be heard . 2. Direct contact electric shock .

Discharge of average duration of 1-3 seconds. Cramps large pectoral muscles, neck, groin, back , strong local pain, literally “knocks out the attacker” and leads to temporary loss of adequate control over the situation. That is, it causes disorientation due to paralysis and muscle cramps.

When a powerful discharge occurs within 3 to 5 seconds. Loss of consciousness or motionless shock is achieved.

The attacker falls down and remains in a state of prostration for several minutes.

Fatal outcome excluded!

Watch out for the dog in the front

The stun gun has the greatest practicality in comparison to ultrasonic scarecrows, and at the same time is a reliable protection for your beloved dog from stray or aggressive dogs and other animals .

When an electric shock is discharged, the natural gas ozone, which is feared by all animals, is released. Also, the discharge is accompanied by a strong comparing to all other ESH models visual and acoustic effect.

And a drunken fool – on all sides

1. If a person is over-excited after taking alcohol/drugs/psychotropic substances , the effectiveness of the Essence foot control increases dramatically. Unlike gas and pneumatic devices cans, pistols – their influence is less effective, as a drunken person’s organism has a lower sensitivity. And after all most of the attacks are carried out under the influence of alcohol!

2. Unlike gas cannons, they can be used in a closed or confined space elevator, car . Reliable protection for drivers whether they are motorists, professional cab drivers or experienced truck drivers .

3.Multiple use of electroshock devices is possible if there is more than one attacker.

4. The ES has a powerful effect on people and all biological objects nonlethal .

5. “Breaks through” winter clothing.

6. Taser unnoticeable in your hand, small in size, and lightweight – fits everywhere, including in a woman’s purse.

Areas where the stun gun hits the bull’s-eye

Area of application of an ESH should be as close as possible to the central nervous system of the attacker or to large muscle groups pic. 5 .

The most vulnerable points are the upper chest 1 , lower abdomen 3 , solar plexus 2 , back, and buttocks.

And finally, the most important recommendation. Law enforcement officers have an unwritten rule: when you get a gun – shoot.

In contrast to this, the use of an ESHU can be a warning, demonstrative tool, but if you decide to use it “for its intended purpose” your action should be unexpected for the attacker.

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