Take control of your stone with your Dremel 3000

Stone is on the cutting edge of construction, it’s strong and durable. The Egyptians were the first to build stone buildings: houses, palaces, and temples. And people have found all sorts of uses for it in the home, for homeware, figurines, talismans, and jewelry. Read about the secrets of working with stone in our article.


Dremel 3000

What you need

1. The Dremel 3000 multitool

2. modular set of cutting and grinding nozzles 731

3. Tungsten carbide bits 9903, 9905, 9911

4. caving/circular stones

5. pencil or marker, safety goggles, face shield, water.

Let’s get to work

For those who love landscaping, they can safely take on the challenge of transforming stone, making it shiny and attractive. That can be used for decorative garden stones, for example, to make paths. First check the stone for cracks and crevices.Getting started

The multifunctional tool

Dremel 3000

Draw beforehand what you want to carve. It might be a sun, a flower or an animal. Then transfer the image, so to speak, the sketch, to the stone.

Get the Dremel 3000 multitool ready to use. It is a handy and easy to use machine with a variable speed of 10 000 to 30 000 rpm. Symmetrical design and light weight body ensures a firm and comfortable grip, increasing your maneuverability.

Multifunction tool

Nozzle 9903


Screwdriver attachment 9905

The multitool

Nozzle 9911


Modular stone cutting and grinding attachment set 731

Wearing safety glasses is recommended when working with stone to protect eyes from dust and water splash. Use the sharp-tipped tungsten carbide tip 9903 for cutting patterns, the tungsten carbide tip 9905 for adding depth, and the egg-shaped tip 9911 for straight lines. After you sand the image.

The modular cut and grind set 731 is the perfect solution for working with stone. The set includes the most popular attachments, including the EZ SpeedClic and two useful attachments linear milling circle and cutting guide .

Good to know

Grinded hard stone becomes lighter but with a more muted color.

Turn the tool off periodically to keep it from heating up too much.

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