SVEN AP-G886MV gaming headphones – no chance for the enemy!

SVEN company invites computer games fans to M.Video”. In April there will be new gaming headphones – AP-G886MV. The novelty is interesting: the sound, optimized for professional gaming, thought-out construction, attractive appearance – and all that for reasonable money.


An excellent reason to update your gaming arsenal. SVEN AP-G886MV headphones will not let you down in the most complicated battle conditions. They let you hear every rustle, as well as precisely orientate yourself on the terrain and determine the exact location of the enemy. The enemy will not stay unnoticed and you’ll be the first to know about him. This model is also very realistic in reproducing computer special effects. The SVEN AP-G886MV passive noise suppression system guarantees protection from external noises.

New headphones are equipped with retractable microphone, which makes it convenient to keep in touch with your teammates. SVEN AP-G886MV large ear cushions provide reliable noise isolation and fit comfortably around the earflaps. The headband of the headphones can be adjusted easily to you, and the soft cushioning provides a high level of comfort during long-lasting use. Low weight, high quality materials – in this model every detail is carefully chosen so that nothing distracts from the game.

Computers and peripherals

The cable of the headphones has a fabric braid, thanks to it the cable does not curl and gets extra protection against damage. 4-pin connector allows you to connect the new product to the game consoles. In addition, this model is equipped with an adapter for connection to an ordinary PC.

High-quality sound, absence of extraneous noise, well-thought-out ergonomics – what else a real gamer can dream of? We have more good news – the price of this model is really favourable and won’t hurt your pocket. SVEN AP-G886MV gaming stereo headphones are exclusively represented in the “M.Video”.

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