SVEN AP-B770MV headphones review: clever solution for any tablets, smartphones and laptops

On forums about different audio-devices one can often meet messages: this acoustics price of two thousand Dollars is no good, – better to take acoustic systems for fifteen thousand Dollars…

If there is any comment to this approach, the only thing that makes sense is to compare devices that are comparable in price, otherwise the comparison makes no sense – for every device there will be a better and, accordingly, more expensive device.

SVEN AP-B770MV headphones - panorama

This device in the form of headphones is positioned by the “Sven” company exactly as a wireless headset, but not as headphones of Hi-Fi class, so it makes sense to consider it from this point of view.


Sensitivity, dB – headphones: 106 ± 2

microphone: -58 ± 2

Frequency range, Hz – headphones: 20-22000

microphone: 100-10000

Diaphragm, mm – 40

Resistance, ohm – 32

Connector type – mini USB for charging

Connection interface – Bluetooth v. 3.0

Wireless signal transfer by Bluetooth 3.0

Up to 22 hours of battery life

The range is up to 10 meters

Possibility to control track switching

Call acceptance and voice dialing

Weight, g – 210.

Color – black.

Open the box with Finnish flag logo and take out the headset. The kit also includes a USB-cable for charging. photo 1. A bit unusual design of the outer side of the membranes catches your eye at once. As it is written on the official website: the ear cushions of the model are closed, the outer side has an interesting print that looks more like a scarab or tortoise shell.

SVEN AP-B770MV headphones

In our opinion the shape is more like a cut stone. Immediately one thinks of a suitable shape for dispersing sound waves – provided, of course, that the inner surface repeats the shape of the outer. We can’t say whether this is true or not – we didn’t disassemble the headphones, but, nevertheless, we didn’t hear any humming or “buzzing”, – see the following table for more details. “sounding”.

The headset is made as headphones, can connect to any sound source that supports Bluetooth, has a miniUSB connector for charging, has a built-in microphone, volume control keys and track control buttons – stop/pause, next and previous track.

The headband itself has several degrees of freedom and is pretty well adjustable – if you want you can even set the speaker cups in one plane and use it as a small desktop system. Of course, they will not replace full-fledged speakers, but you can hear the character of the transmitted information.

What would be desirable is a mini-jack for a wired connection – this device does not have it. But don’t forget that it is a headset, but not HI-FI headphones.

SVEN AP-B770MV headphones - on the left
SVEN AP-B770MV headphones on the right side


To turn it on you press the corresponding button and hold it down until you hear a beep, which takes a few seconds. The transition of the device in working mode is signaled by a welcome “company” blue LED. At the end of its work its color changes to red.

Bluetooth connection is clean and seamless – if your device has Bluetooth enabled, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or regular cell phone, the AP-B770MV will be seen. The connection is quick and without any “dancing with bells and whistles. True, the supported version of Bluetooth only 3.0, but it is quite enough for a headset.


When listening to no special lapses in information transfer, – although, of course, the Violin Concerto in G Major KV216 V.A. We obviously haven’t listened to the London Symphony Orchestra’s 1961 recording of Mozart on the AP-B770MV.

What is really audible is the lift on the bottom middle. But we should not forget that this range, – from 300 to 600 Hz, is the lower harmonics of the basic voice frequencies, together with the following ones, by the way, containing the most part of human speech energy.

In addition, these ranges also cover the most pronounced harmonics of many musical instruments.

As the theory of sound recording says, – it is not excluded that while listening to music the vocal will “compete” with the accompaniment. But, let us remind you once again, it is still a headset, and one of the applications is its use in mobile communication, and here you can’t do without lifting the speech range – you won’t turn the equalizer up as soon as you hear an incoming call.

In reality, when there is an incoming call the corresponding beep sounds, to activate talk mode you have to press the corresponding button – by the way, the same one that is responsible for turning on, only the pressing time is shorter. After the end of the call, the sound of the audio program played before the call resumes.

If this same multifunctional button is pressed and slightly held down, the last call will occur. With a short press you can activate the voice dialing function – if the phone supports this function, of course.

In our opinion the multifunctional use of one and the same button is more successful than the realization of each task by a separate button – in this case the headset panel would be overloaded. All the more so because there are volume control keys next to it.

on the other cupholder are the track control keys: pause, play, switch to the next and previous track. By the way, it all works perfectly – the control is without delay.

To sum it up, AP-B770MV is a smart solution for any device with Bluetooth support – tablets, smartphones, laptops and simple cell phones. We recommend!

The pluses: the elaborate control, – there is no button overload, the sound is decent, the construction does not crush during the long use.

Cons: the bottom middle is somewhat amplified.

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