Surprises and giveaways at Hi-Fi & High End Show 2019 URAL

The closer the Ural release of the 2019 Hi-Fi & High End Show, the more good news. All visitors of the exhibition, which you can become simply by registering on the website ural.The headset can win great prizes from leading audio brands.


The drawing will take place on the second day of the Hi-Fi & High End Show, September 22, at 15:00 in Moskovskaya Gorka Hotel floor 1, conference – hall 3A . To participate in the lottery you must get a special coupon at the registration desk at the entrance to the show on either day – September 21 or 22, and come to the hall with it at the time of the lottery. Among the prizes presented by the exhibitors are Yamaha WXA-50 compact network preamplifier, Yamaha YAS-108 Black soundbar, KEF M500 headphones by Petrik Audio, compact radio Ruark R1MK3 in walnut color by Alef Hi-Fi.

The compact Ruark R1MK3 Walnut with Bluetooth, 9W Class A-B amplifier, USB charging port, OLED display, 10 FM station memory, alarm clock and a weight of just 1.8kg is the ideal, yet simple, gadget for the kitchen or office that combines all the essentials. And the R1 is one of the best sounding radios out there because of Ruark Audio’s decades of experience in classic loudspeaker design. From the very beginning, the R1 was developed as a Hi-Fi speaker and from materials chosen precisely for its acoustic properties. Branded full-range drivers provide excellent dynamics and natural pitch over the entire frequency range.


The Yamaha WXA-50 Line Powered Compact Preamp is an easy to use and flexible new concept apparatus for unrestricted music reproduction. MusicCast mobile apps for smartphones allow you to stream music from compatible sources, including mobile devices, computer or Internet radio, to your audio system if it has MusicCast components. All music will sound in high quality. Extensive functionality lets you tailor playback to any requirement. The device has a powerful 2.1-channel audio, compatible with any type of audio source or music service, including streaming services, and pressing any button turns the device on and starts playing music.


Yamaha YAS-108 Black Surround Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofers – easy to connect and use, with incredible DTS® Virtual:X™ 3D surround sound, two built-in subwoofers for powerful bass and Clear Voice that brings movie dialog to the forefront for more intelligibility. Bluetooth® support means you can stream your favourite music wirelessly from your mobile gadgets and Amazon Alexa family of devices.


KEF M500 headphones – lightweight, reliable and comfortable. Experience the clarity and detail of live performance of any kind of music with all its vibrancy and volume. Precision-tuned, wide-band 40mm neodymium KEF drivers deliver balanced, high-definition sound from 20Hz to 20kHz. The copper-clad aluminum voice coil CCAW improves response in the high frequencies, contributing to overall detail. Together with the memory foam cushioned breathable ear cushions and headband that conforms to the shape of your ears and head, the M500 offers absolute listening comfort for an extremely long time. KEF M500 is compatible with most smartphones and other mobile devices.

Among other great news: on the first day of the exhibition at 13:30 an interesting report on the most current solutions and products in the home installation market will read Oleg Lyugin, director of development of the distribution company MMS-Cinema, who will make his summary of the American exhibition CEDIA Expo 2019.

The legendary Aalt Jouk van den Hul, the founder and president of VAN DEN HUL company specializing, among other things, in producing the highest quality cables, will also confirm his speech at the exhibition. The meeting will begin on September 21 at 15:00. During the solo master class, a physicist, expert and creator of several unique technologies will talk about the latest achievements in engineering, share some production secrets and provide his views on the future of Hi-Fi industry. In addition, the professor will hold a presentation of the latest carbon cables from the Van den Hul brand and introduce the key models of the brand’s line.

On the second day, you should pay attention to three lectures: on vinyl by Mikhail Borzenkov, on modern formats of surround sound, and on popular streaming services by Pult.

Full program of the exhibition:

September 21, Moskovskaya Gorka Hotel, floor 1, conference room 3A

11:00 – 13:00 Closed meeting of New York distributors and regional dealers of hi-fi and high end equipment

13:30 – 14:30 Overview report by Oleg Lyugin MMS-Cinema development director : “In the footsteps of CEDIA 2019: the most relevant in the home installation market.”

15:00 – 17:00 Speech of Aalt Jouk van den Hul, founder and president of VAN DEN HUL

September 22, Hotel “Moskovskaya Gorka”, floor 1, Conference Hall 3A

11:00 – 12:30 Lecture: VINIL by Mikhail Borzenkov

12:30 – 14:30 Master-classes from PULT: “Modern Surround Sound Formats” and “Streaming Services”

15:00 – 15:30 Drawing of prizes


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