Sunrise Xcape headphones test

The Chinese company Sunrise full name – Sunrise Audio Company is not very well known in the circles of lovers of quality sound. Although it is not a newcomer in the field of audio engineering, it just entered the consumer market of headphones recently, and this market is not the main one for it.

Sunrise Xcape headphones

Main activity of Sunrise is in the field of OEM/ODM-services, i.e. development and production of different kinds of audio equipment sold to the final consumer under the brands of other companies as a rule, dealing with their promotion and advertising . Simply put, Sunrise designs and manufactures the headphones and other companies advertise and sell them under their own name. And, sometimes, they are involved in their development.

The Sunrise Xcape headphones, along with a very similar model, the Sunrise Xcited, were the first swallows from Sunrise Audio Company in the consumer audio market. Swallows, it must be said, are very successful – their reputation in audiomantic circles is very good, many experienced users believe them to be among the best headphones in terms of price to quality ratio.


In terms of ergonomics Sunrise Xcape are almost copies of Hifiman Re0. They are similar in size and shape, and can also be worn two ways: classically, with the wire down, and “upside down”, with the wire up. Though, unlike Re0, Xcape sound almost doesn’t depend on the way of wearing – with the wire upwards it only slightly improves noise isolation.


In terms of sound Sunrise Xcape is the “dark brother” of Hifiman Re0. What these two headphone models have in common, and why Sunrise Xcape is suddenly “dark?

Both Sunrise Xcape and HiFiMAN Re0 have uncharacteristically high resolution for their class. But while the Re0, with the exception of some high-frequency boost, have almost no sound character of their own, and play out each song almost neutrally, the Xcape has its own character, and this character is dark.

Their tonal balance is a combination of significantly “raised” bass, quite even and natural “middle” and quite muted high frequencies.

Emotionally, the register ratio creates a kind of dark, gloomy, but at the same time comfortable atmosphere. To describe the atmosphere in words, it’s like feeling one’s own in an underground scene.

“Comfort in the Sunrise Xcape is enhanced by the ‘muted’ high frequencies, so even on tracks where they are initially overpowering they are not unheard of. And the main ‘air booster’ in these headphones is the bass – it’s big, it’s powerful and it’s also quick and squishy. Its sharp and weighty beats bring associations with early Hip-Hop – you feel an urge to listen to something “that” on Xcape.

In general though, the Sunrise Xcape is an all-rounder – any style of music sounds great on it. Their midrange is quite flat so voices and live instruments sound natural. And good resolving power allows Sunrise Xcape to thoroughly reproduce complex compositions with many instruments playing simultaneously.

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