SteelSeries unveils Heroes of the Storm-inspired QcK gaming mouse and pad

SteelSeries, the worldwide leader in gaming peripherals, has teamed up with Blizzard Entertainment to introduce the exclusive QcK mouse and gaming surface, designed in the style of Heroes of the Storm. Facing off against the legendary heroes of the Blizzard Universe, players now have the reliable support of precision-guided weapons with the original artwork by the designers of Heroes of the Storm.


“Heroes of the Storm has become one of the most anticipated games, so we really wanted to create an exclusive product for it. We knew that Blizzard and the gamers themselves would want a versatile mouse with a game-inspired design,” said SteelSeries CTO Tino Soelberg. – An important part of the mouse is the SteelSeries Engine, where players can save countless profiles and settings for each character, as well as control the backlighting, changing it based on the character they select.”.

Glowing in the Flames of BattleThe new product takes the battle spirit of the new Blizzard game and adopts the Heroes of the Storm design, with exclusive LED lighting. New mouse based on the award-winning Sensei [RAW], which delivers the highest performance. The mouse comes with a wealth of features not available anywhere else.

Brilliant backlightingBright blue LED backlight split into three zones and multiple pulse levels. Armed with the SteelSeries Engine, players can customize the mouse to their needs, and create and save countless profiles.

Let the battle beginWith tournament-grade switches and a professional laser sensor that supports a wide range of CPI from 1 to 5,700 , this novelty offers the highest performance in the game, allowing Kerrigan to conquer the Nexus with ease. Other notable features include XL-sized polyester feet for a smooth, gentle glide and a 2-meter cable in a black and purple nylon braid.

Incredible ComfortThe SteelSeries Heroes of the Storm mouse has a symmetrical case that will be equally comfortable for left- or right-handed users. Grip is excellent and the new soft-touch rubber coating prevents possible slipping due to moist palms. A Heroes of the Storm style mouse so comfortable it will be an extension of a player’s hand.

The exclusive SteelSeries QcK Heroes of the Storm mouse pad is also available, with Blizzard-inspired artwork and a bold logo. It features a high-quality fabric surface with enhanced texture for smooth gliding and a rubberized base for immobility.

The new products will be available later this year at an estimated price of $69.99 for the mouse and $14.99 for the gaming surface.

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