Steba Master Class: Multicooker, vacuum and culinary masterpieces with duck and chicken

One October Saturday at Culinary Arts School company Steba presents a master class.


Electric grills

The heroine of the event – STEBA pressure cooker.


STEBA multicooker control panel is graphically clear and easy to use.


STEBA grill.


The grill has two switches – time and temperature.

Electro grills

This is the surface of a grill.

Small appliances for the kitchen


Steba vacuum packer


Steba sous vide. Steba SV 1 Sous-vide cooks portioned, vacuum-packed dishes at low temperatures. French invented the technology. The secret of Su Vid is the very even heating of the whole product: it’s accurate to within 1 degree.


Steba Sous-vision. We first wrote about this technique last year reviews/steba/


STEBA induction stove already boiling water for pasta.

Tagliatelle with ragu of vegetables and chicken breast.

Duck breast with apple cream.

Stewed fruit with herbs and ice cream.

Electric grills

Paul talks about the menu of the day.


Everyone listens attentively to the maestro’s instructions.

The peculiarity of making it: using vacuum packer and Sous-vision technique. Prepared foods are placed in pouches, vacuumed, and toasted in Sous vide at temperatures below 100⁰ C.

The main revelation of the day: toasting doesn’t take as long as is commonly thought, but the result of the effort is fabulous dishes with extraordinary flavor nuances.

Tagliatelle with ragu with vegetables and chicken breast

Ingredients for 4 people :

Tagliatelle – 280 gr.

Chicken breast – 1 piece.

Carrots – ½ piece.

Onions – ½ head.

Celery stalk – ½ stalk.

Garlic – 2 cloves.

Green basil – 2 sprigs.

Grated lemon peel – 5 gr.

Olive oil – 70 ml.

Cream 22% – 200 ml.

Parmesan grated – 80 gr.

Sea salt – to taste.

Black pepper – to taste.

Small appliances for the kitchen


The first step in cooking the sauce – mincing the vegetables. The vegetables and chicken breast are put through a meat grinder.

Small appliances for the kitchen

Pour oil into the bowl of a pressure cooker, add basil and lightly fry. The chopped vegetables and meat are then added and fried in the multi-purpose cooker with the lid open. Stirring is recommended.

Then cream and zest are added. Close the lid, choose “meat” mode and set the time for 25 minutes.

  1. Sauce for already cooked in a multicooker Steba. Now you can add spices to it to taste.
  2. The sauce is moved to the most convenient position to add it to the tagliatelle.
  3. Paul sacred: adds the sauce to the tagliatelle, which soaks it up and saturates its flavor and aromas.
  4. This is a very convenient way to divide the tagliatelle on the plate with a spoon.
  5. Ready tagliatelle with ragu – very delicate creamy taste.

This recipe has caught on in my house – I’ve already made it twice. Children are delighted!


Ingredients for 4 people

Duck breast on skin – 2 pieces,

Houlden apple – 2 pcs.

Rosemary – 1 sprig.

Honey floral – 20 gr.

Roose pepper – 2 gr.

Sea salt – to taste

Black pepper – to taste.


Pavel teaches how to cook the breast properly: cut off excess fat and make cuts in the skin without cutting through it.


Peel and cut apples into medium slices. Transfer to a vacuum bag, add oil, honey, rosemary and rosé pepper. Seal.

The last important touch is the gluing of the bag, without this nothing will work.

Electric grills

And this is how fruit looks after vacuum sealing.


The breasts are grilled until golden brown.


When the lid of the grill is closed iron breasts are fried immediately on both sides.

Small appliances for the kitchen

Then set aside to dry on paper.

Small appliances for the kitchen

Cook apples and duck sous vide at 85⁰ C for 30 minutes. The ready apples are whipped in a blender, the duck is cut into thin slices.

Ready dish. The breast is very tasty, and the sauce is beyond words. It is simply unique and magical. In fact, I’ve never tasted such deliciously tender applesauce, and I’m not sure I could replicate it at home with the same result.


Ingredients for 4 persons :

Confit pear – 2 pcs.

Mango – 1 pc.

Figs – 1 pc.

Sage – 2 leaves.

Thyme – 2 sprigs.

Cane sugar – 50 gr.

Black pepper – 1 pinch.

Lemon peel grated – 2 gr.

Cookie cookies crumbled – 4 tbsp.l.

Ice cream to taste – 4 scoops.


Dish up the fruit for the dessert.


Figs are the main fruit of this fall.


All sliced for dessert – already very appetizing.


Preparing the fruit for vacuuming: add herbs, sugar, zest and pepper.


The main secret – the bag must be clean. It is recommended therefore to wrap the edges. Carefully put the fruit into the bag, unscrew the edges and send the bag for vacuuming.

Electric grills

The control “gluing”.


This is what a vacuumed fruit looks like.

Electric Grills

The vacuuming process was the hardest part. Everybody watch how the masters work.

Small appliances for the kitchen

The fruit is shifted for vacuuming.


Paul pulls out the already prepared for dessert and already sous vide 20 min., 90⁰ fruit.

Small appliances for the kitchen

Dessert is almost ready. The girls are spreading it out into creamshells and adding an ice cream scoop each.

Small appliances for the kitchen

Dessert is served. Enjoy!

Small appliances for the kitchen

A keepsake photo: chef Pavel and cheerful participants of the master class.


The author of the STEBA multicooker cookbook is satisfied: and the dishes of the famous chef were perfectly successful.

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