Steam cleaners: hits the dirt and what else can it do?

Vapor Cleaners are a technique that almost everyone is interested in. Numerous videos on the Internet show how quickly the house begins to shine clean after steam treatment. And no chemicals in the wash! People tend to picture this marvelous appliance, capable of cleaning everything to a high gloss with almost no human involvement.

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Apparently, high expectations are the reason why at least half of the housewives who buy a cleaner are disappointed with the cleaning results. In some homes, the purchased helper just gathers dust on the shelf and adds to the list of unclaimed household appliances, others use it only for strictly defined tasks, but there are housewives who just can’t imagine how they used to do without a steam cleaner. And it is not always connected with the fact that someone bought a good device and someone bought a bad one. Often there are different fates for the same model, which once again confirms: “Skill, hardening, training is needed in everything!”

What can a steam cleaner do??

№ 1. Tiles

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Steam cleaner perfectly copes with the cleaning of tiles from dirt, so cleaning the kitchen floors and wall aprons – their end. At the same time fat deposits on the walls with the help of steam are removed quite confidently, but if there are a lot of them, then during the first cleaning it is recommended to treat the surface with special agents first, and then use the steam.

For cleaning joints between tiles, steam cleaners have an excellent nozzle with a thin steam delivery. But it’s not just cleaning, but also checking the quality of tile laying: some housewives complain that steam blows out all the seams. I personally have not encountered this: apparently, the repairmen did not spare the glue.

Tiles in bathrooms suffer from other dirt: there is no grease, but more often there is a lime scale, which permanently “digests”, and get rid of it is much harder than grease. Some, by the way, are not happy with how the steam cleaner copes with such plaque.

And hard-working hostesses who often wash tiles in the bathroom say they see the same result as with regular cleaning. Busy ladies at work are very happy that there is no need to Dollars the tiles with their hands, and you can clean them with a steam cleaner. Let the result is the same, but the process is easier and more pleasant.

For better cleaning, by the way, experts recommend first passing over the tiles with a cloth with vinegar, to leave so for twenty minutes, and then treat the surface with a steam cleaner. Well, keep in mind that steam cleaning disinfects surfaces in a way that normal cleaning cannot.

№ 2. Carpet coverings

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Steam cleaners are not a substitute for a vacuum cleaner, but they can be useful for cleaning the carpet: they can remove some stains and lift the pile. By the way, and dirt that the vacuum cleaner missed, collect on the brush. The only thing – after cleaning it is not recommended to walk on the wet carpeting immediately, you should let it dry.

№ 3. Mirrors and glass

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The opinions are divided about 50/50. Some people like to use a steam cleaner for this purpose, some do not. It is worth remembering that after cleaning with steam the glass should be wiped with a dry rag, as in the usual cleaning.

№ 4. Different trivia

Many have got used to steam cleaning toilet rims, and parquet, and stoves, and hoods, and even the front of household appliances.

In principle everything is possible, especially if the device has a sufficient number of brushes and rags, because you will not wash the toilet bowl and the stove with one brush! You have to be extra careful when cleaning plastic surfaces: not every coating likes moisture.

What they sell?

There are two types of steam cleaners: manual steam cleaners, which look like kettles, and floor steam cleaners, which look like vacuum cleaners.

Floor-standing, in turn, are divided into household only for cleaning and combi – with an iron for steaming clothes.

Handhelds are suitable for cleaning walls, windows, countertops. You can’t get your floors and carpets right with them. The models with an iron are undoubtedly the most versatile, but also the most expensive.

Floor steam cleaners are the most numerous group, including models in different price groups, with a variety of accessories. This is what you should pay attention to, because the more optional attachments included, the more surfaces will be able to clean.

The steam is excellent for grease and lime scale is harder to remove, but fresh “deposits” can be removed very quickly.

Steam disinfects surfaces and eliminates not only dirt, but also microbes and mold on the walls, unlike conventional cleaning.

The more special tools in the steam cleaner’s arsenal, the more places you can clean. Different brushes for different purposes, to clean the oven and the different corners that are hard to reach.

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