Steam cleaner Vitesse VS-330: if you don’t fanaticism, it cleans almost everything!

Recently I got my hands on a Vitesse VS-330 steam cleaner with outstanding features: 3.5 bar steam pressure and only 1200 watts of power. This combination of steam and power is not in vain: I checked the technical specifications by experiment and I can confirm that this device is quite economical. This household appliance can claim to be a universal helper for every home, but … subject to some of its features.

Author: Andrew KASHKAROV, St. Petersburg


The fact that the “loud” name steam cleaner or otherwise – steam generator really attracts customers. But, as a matter of fact, a device that is positioned as a steam cleaner is designed for local action and, while satisfying one housewife, for instance, who wants to clean clothes once a day, cannot be considered a universal cleaner for large volume of work.

This is its main difference from professional and semi-professional steam generators, used today in dry cleaners. The manufacturer guarantees flawless operation of the device for at least 2 years if the conditions of use are followed .

Home Appliances

Vitesse VS-330 see “Steam Cleaner” . The compact size no larger than an iron , comfortable, ergonomic plastic housing has not only a heating indicator but also a compartment for the detergent.

Working with cleaner

Diluted liquid soap can be poured into this chamber or any other cleaning agent diluted in 200 ml of water according to the manufacturer’s recommendations . Only water-based water-soluble cleaner is suitable for this device. Dilute the detergent with water in the ratio of 1:10.

Diluted cleaner in thicker consistency caused it to foam a lot while the steam cleaner was running during the test.

The container is filled before treating dirty surfaces. If the detergent is poured, it – along with the steam through the outlet – is controlled with a separate detergent button, sliding it down on the housing. This is how the solution starts to combine with the steam.

At the same time while pressing this button I noticed that the steam coming out of the outlet opening became more humid, and the time of the steam cleaner from one charge increased to 2 minutes.

Work experiment with the cleaner is described in detail below – when cleaning a sofa.

Toy cleaning

Steam Cleaners

I also experimented with this important sector for a family with small children. In this case, the steam cleaner helped clean the toys in a few minutes without direct exposure to water. And the small amount of moisture contained in the steam does not damage the hats, clothes and soft shoes of a one-year-old baby, made on a fabric base. Such a fast and safe for clothes and shoes effect could not be achieved with laundry.

A special test for gastronomes

I have to admit that I went further than those who use steam cleaner for “banal” washing of vegetables and fruits – cleaning them from stuck fertilizers, pesticides or just dirt during transportation to the consumer.

To demonstrate the new and upcoming features of the Vitesse VS-330, let’s take an unripe persimmon that accidentally got into my bag.

The immaturity of the fruit can be seen visually see pictures . photo 4 : greenish color, and it is confirmed by the hardness of the object of experiment.

Steam cleaners

If you bite into such a fruit, you can feel the viscosity in your mouth and have an unpleasant sensation. But… it’s easy to fix – just fill the steam cleaner up.

After it was ready the LED of the “heating” function and the steam output went out 4,5 minutes after plugging in with a full water tank , the unripe persimmons were steamed for one minute only – while there was steam in the steam cleaner see picture. photo .

Steam cleaners

As a result of the experience, the persimmon was soft and quite edible. This is also confirmed by the fact that the viscosity in the mouth when you eat a “ripe” fruit at once disappeared, persimmon became moderately sweet.

In view of the time spent on the preparation of a previously indigestible product, I consider the method described with the help of a steam cleaner quite suitable for repeating by all interested persons. Now I’ll do a patent search… to consolidate the result.

Of course, no one is deprived of the possibility – according to their gastronomic needs – to prepare other fruits and vegetables that arouse suspicion of being immature or contaminated.

Cleaning the stove and kitchen

The Vitesse VS-330 performed excellently in this capacity.

For the cooktop, the steam cleaner demonstrated its best qualities. True, for this test I had to attach it to the nozzle “for cleaning windows and glass”. By the way, 6 different nozzles designed for almost all occasions , a funnel for the convenience of pouring liquid into the tank , measuring cup and carrying bag for such a convenient household appliance are included with Vitesse VS-330.

So, using the window and glass cleaner, I steamed without detergent the surface of our cooktop see the “Steam Cleaner” User Manual . photo :

Home Appliances

In the same measured time of one minute of continuous steam pressure, the cooking surface was perfectly clean. After wiping it down with a soft cloth and removing the fogging, it really shines.

To clean the kitchen faucet, I used alternately a round brush with 45 mm long bristles and a curved nozzle without bristles .

Without exaggeration, in one minute I managed to clean the kitchen faucet from deposits see. photo .

Hardware for the home

After cleaning with the steam cleaner, you need to wipe it with a dry cloth a flannel kitchen towel will do .

Besides the kitchen work, the nozzles have proven to be very convenient for cleaning small surfaces with steam: cracks and corners on the wall, on the balcony, on the windows, and in the folds of upholstered furniture and on the stairs of the apartment building.

Clothing treatment

The tested steam cleaner allows you to treat clothes right in the closet – without subsequent ironing. For this experiment I attached a new attachment to the steam cleaner – a flexible extension hose see “How to attach a flexible extension hose to the steam cleaner” . photo .

Techniques for the home

According to test results, I can note that this way you can clean well uniforms made of gabardine, a fairly dense cloth, which is sewn on the production of officers’ tunics. Do not wash such cloth it sits – to size – and does not smooth out . This is where the steam cleaner clearly comes in handy and… truly replaces dry cleaning, and thus saves the family budget.

It is rightly said among the people that “money saved is money earned”. Some of the difficulty is that it took 4 refills of steam cleaner and almost 1 hour of time for a set of tunic and pants. But the result exceeded my wildest expectations I recommend it to everyone.

Besides it is convenient to clean even more dense fabrics in the same way, for example, greatcoats, coats or even dresses, if you too lazy to get them out of the closet – you can clean them directly in it by opening the doors of the compartment.

Another convenient way to expose clothes to steam directly in the closet can be considered the side effect of killing germs and other pests of clothes, such as moths, building ants and other unwanted guests in our homes, including those homes, of course, that are in rural areas, where the steam cleaner, in my opinion, even more necessary – for the reasons justified above.


To ensure the long-term operation of such a useful home helper, it is not necessary to pour water mixed with cleaning agent into the tank designed for water. Never use powders including laundry detergents for the cleaner.

Faults detected

The relative disadvantage of a steam cleaner is that the liquid in the tank quickly runs out – for one minute of continuous steam processing and the steam cleaner becomes useless for another 15-20 minutes. This time is due to the fact that it is necessary to unplug it from the mains requirement of the manufacturer, described in the manual , then wait 10-15 minutes so that the residual steam pressure in the device decreases and does not burn the user while opening the filler cap of the liquid tank.

So, after this time the lid of the neck is opened and a new batch of water not more than 300 ml – for a full 330 ml reservoir is poured in. Then the steam cleaner is plugged in again, and the steam is produced for another 5-6 minutes, accompanied by the LED lights on the device and minor emissions see the “Steam cleaning” section . photo 1 steam out – through the nipple of the filler neck.

After the LED light goes out – the device can be used again for its intended purpose. But the time it takes to recharge the water tank noticeably spoils the good impression of such an original device for the home.


In summary, the tests clearly demonstrated that the Vitesse VS-330 is a multifunctional appliance, designed for home use, can clean and even disinfect various surfaces with the steam produced.

It is also suitable for small rooms and small areas including upholstered furniture and cabinetry without the use of chemical cleaners. The important thing is that it achieves a clean and comfortable home without fear of side effects, including allergic reactions.

This is especially true where families have young children.

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