Steam blender with High Definition Technology from Hotpoint-Ariston

The steam blender from the HD Line range with the steam cooking option is a true engineering marvel that impresses with its versatility. With just one device you can grind any food and cook them in a steam. It is amazing how they managed to combine these features in such a tiny household appliance! Now it is easy, fast and convenient to prepare delicious and healthy food.

Product processing

The steam blender is easy to use: it cooks vegetables, then shreds them – and voila!!”You have a delicious vegetable soup or puree. The blender is ideal for preparing baby food. And if you don’t steam it, it can make milk shakes and ice cubes.

Thanks to the new steam blender your kitchen will stay clean and the cooking process will be comfortable and pleasant. It chops and steams food by itself, it is easy to clean and does not need pots and pans. Blender bowl is made of heat-resistant and impact-resistant glass that allows you to use a variety of ingredients, including ice. Controlled by LCD display. Blender has a digital timer, 4 speeds, as well as pulse mode.

Blender becomes more powerful when in “impulse” position and the steamer function automatically turns on when the removable receptacle is full. As soon as the water is heated to 100° and steam begins to flow into the bowl, you can start cooking.

The steam blender is part of the new HD Line collection, which presents a full range of appliances for the kitchen, clothes care and home. The line has been developed by Hotpoint-Ariston to make household chores easier, more efficient and more enjoyable.

The technique fully satisfies all your food and beverage needs. Small but powerful, accurate and reliable, made of stainless steel and high quality materials, with the same style – these devices will decorate and enrich the kitchen of any home.

Creativity is the main idea of the new collection, embodied in every detail. The new line is a unique and balanced combination of unique style and functionality, it is an opportunity to experience a completely new experience of cooking food and drinks.

The steam blender will be available on the American market in June 2013.

TB 060C AX0

HD quality

  • Stainless steel case AISI 304
  • 4 speed + pulse mode
  • LCD Display
  • Cooking baby food

Other technical specifications:

  • Blender function, power 600W
  • Steam cooker function – 1000W power
  • Glass Bowl with a capacity of 1.5 l
  • Ice maker
  • Cookbook

The steam blender Hotpoint-Ariston TB 060C AX0, not even been released on the market yet, won the special prize PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2013 in the “Blender: Premiere of the Year” category – Household Appliances. The award ceremony was held on April 11, 2013, at the Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2013 in Crocus City. A panel of judges selected the best products in the categories of Audio-Video Appliances, Photographic Equipment & Supplies, Mobile & Digital Devices, and Consumer Electronics.

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