Starwind SMO2026 Mini Oven: a hot beauty in retro style

The Starwind SMO2026 Mini Oven in retro style looks great! Let’s see what it can do.

Starwind SMO2026

Construction and design

Starwind SMO2026 is a rectangular mini oven with a metal case and a glass door that opens on itself.

Starwind SMO2026

Dimensions: 31,5 × 52 × 40 cm.

Light beige body, antique brass finish handle and switches.

Starwind SMO2026 stands on the tabletop on four high plastic legs that do not slip on the surface.

Power cord length: 95 cm.

The door opens at 90 degrees and remains open in one position only, if you open it a bit, it will close by itself.

The oven door is equipped with a rubber seal around the perimeter. It “dampens” the impact when closing the door, and insulates the oven: all the heat remains inside.

The glass is quite thick about 4 mm .

On the inside of the door there are tips: how many minutes to cook chicken, fish, toast, vegetables. They will be handy at first.

Capacity: 36 liters. It is quite big and can easily hold a chicken or a duck

The inside of the chamber is covered with smooth enamel.

Open heating elements on the bottom and top.

There is a fan on the side wall that provides convection during cooking. There is a 15W lamp above it.

The oven has 4 shelf levels, all of which are functional:

  • Put a tray with chicken, duck or porcelain pots on the first one.
  • The second level is medium, on it you can fry potatoes, bake croissants or pies.
  • Third level, closer to the top shelf, where you can quickly crust the food or grill some cheese.
  • The fourth level is the topmost and is the least used, but it comes in handy. It can be used even when the heating elements are off and the oven is cold, for example to dry croutons, nuts, seeds or herbs.

Weight of the stove: 8.2 kg.

Starwind Mini Oven


  • Rectangular Baking Tray.
  • Deep round tray with a diameter of 32,5 cm.
  • Chrome grill.


Starwind SMO2026 Mini Oven

The Starwind SMO2026 Mini Oven has a control panel with three mechanical knobs that are pleasant to touch. They are so cozy, cute and neat.

  1. Timer with adjustable time from 10 to 90 min., at 10 minute increments. At the end of the cooking time, the oven turns off automatically.
  2. Temperature: 50°C, 70°C, 120°C, 150°C, 220°C, 280°C, max.
  3. Operation modes: bottom, top, bottom + top, bottom + top + fan.


Two lights. One indicates the oven is on, the other indicates it is heating up. When the temperature reaches the set point the second indicator light goes out.


  • Starwind SMO2026 Mini Oven

    Power 1300 W

  • Temperature: 50-280 ° C
  • Timer: up to 90 min. with automatic shutdown
  • 4 modes of operation

From this short description, experienced housewives can already see what this oven can do: bake, roast, heat, stew, dry, and even make yogurt!

If you pour milk into ceramic pots or glass serving jars, put 1 tbsp of milk each.l. Stir some yoghurt, turn the oven on at 50° C and you will get a healthy sour-milk product. True, you’ll have to cook it during the day to periodically turn on the timer.

You can also put a bowl of yeast dough in the warm oven to make it rise.

On a rack and tray on two levels at 70 ° C, you can dried plums, tomatoes, dry herbs, cook banana chips – in general, use the mini-oven as a small dryer. Check the state of food every hour and a half, swap pans and turn on the heat again.

Just like a full oven, you can bake pies, stew vegetables, or roast meat in the mini oven. The oven heats up to 280 ° C, so the pizza will turn out great.

Separately, we should say about poultry: it is easier and faster to bake chicken in the mini oven than in a large oven. It tastes just as tasty and tender with a crust that crusts and you do not have to wash a big cabinet oven after cooking, it is much easier to put the oven in order.

Starwind SMO2026 Mini Oven

Starwind SMO2026 Mini oven

Advantages of the Starwind SMO2026 Mini Oven

  • Quickly heats to a predetermined temperature.
  • Keeps heat well.
  • Easy to clean after use.
  • In the round dish included in the set it is convenient to bake meat with vegetables, make casseroles, bake charlotte.

The country – the manufacturer: Turkey.

Warranty: 1 year.

Starwind Mini Oven


Starwind SMO2026 can become a second oven or even the only oven in any home. It can be used at a summer cottage, in a rented apartment or in a student hostel.

In addition to the baking tray and grid, the set includes a round deep dish where it is convenient to roast and bake.

Retro-design allows the mini-oven to fit perfectly into a kitchen with a classic style. There is a black model with similar features.

Large temperature range, convection, good insulation.

Cooking is limited to 90 minutes on the timer.

the consumer recommends

The Starwind SMO2026 Mini Oven receives the “Consumer Recommendations” label

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