Starwind SBR4163 bread maker: bread, yogurt, jam and wine

Checking the work of the Starwind SBR4163 breadmaker

Starwind SBR4163

The review is useful for those who have already had experience making homemade bread and are thinking about buying a second


and for those who just want to bake their own bread, including homemade sourdough.

First acquaintance

Starwind SBR41632 bread maker

We took the bakery out of its neat cardboard box.

Starwind SBR4163 – compact, almost square. H×H×D: 56×28×21 cm.

  • Silver metallic coated body harmonizes well with modern design kitchen appliances.
  • On the table the bakery stands on high legs, the thick power cord can easily fit between them and the body. It’s 120 cm long, so that it can be placed far enough away from the power source.

Taking out the baking chamber: it’s small and square. Working tank: 14×13×13 cm. The bread will be high.

  • The inside of the chamber has a non-stick, bronze-colored coating.
  • The dough kneading spatula is metal, with the same coating. The coating is durable, with proper use of the oven will last a long time.
  • The baking chamber slides in place, and it is easy enough to pull out by the metal handle.

The hinged door has a 7×7 cm viewing window. If it’s clean, you can watch the dough rise through it without opening the door. This is important because it allows you to not disturb the heat in the chamber.

Accessories are available: a spatula for kneading the dough, a measuring cup, a spoon.

Warranty: 1 year.

Country of Origin: China.

Starwind SBR4163 Breadmaker

Exploring the functionality

Starwind SBR4163 baker has 19 automatic programs.

Starwind SBR4163 bread maker



11 programs:

  • Basic 3 h 11 min . ,
  • Sweet 2 h 59 min . ,
  • On sourdough 6h 44min . ,
  • French 3 h 19 min. ,
  • Wholemeal 3h 18min . ,
  • Quick 1 hour 38 min. ,
  • No sugar 3 h 11 min . ,
  • Wholemeal 3h 7min . ,
  • Milk 3h 6min . ,
  • Cake time 1 hour 33 min. ,
  • Rice cake 1 hour 15 minutes . .

It’s great that there is a program for making sourdough bread. Not all housewives like to use store-bought yeast. Those who love HVA will be pleased with the possibility to bake wholemeal bread. Popular French bread rolls can also be baked, but the shape will be square instead of elongated.

From the instructions it is not very clear what is the “sugar-free” bread, what is the difference between “wholemeal” and “from cereals” and what is “rice cake”.

Note from manufacturers:

Sugarless bread is a program with extended time for rising dough, Wholemeal bread is for making bread from single coarse flour, Grain Bread is for adding different types of flour, Rice Cake is for bread from rice flour.

Starwind bread maker


3 programs:

  • Dough 23 min . ,
  • Yeast dough 1 hour 24 minutes . ,
  • Fermentation 1 hour .

It’s great that three programs are provided. Many people use baking ovens specifically for mixing and seasoning dough for dumplings, pizzas and pies. It’s good that there is a choice of times – for yeast-free and yeast-free dough. You can additionally put the dough to rise, using the fermentation program.


Additional Features

  • Baking 10 min., range from 5 min. Up to 1 hour and 10 minutes. ,
  • Jam 1 hr 5 min ,
  • Yogurt 8h, range from 5h to 13h ,
  • Rice wine 36 hours, range 24 to 48 hours ,
  • Roast 30 min, range from 1 min to 2 h for light roasting of nuts, beans, soybeans and dried fruits.

It’s great that there is a wide range of times for baking. When baking, you can add literally 10 minutes at a time, or you can use the bread maker to bake a muffin or charlotte. The bread machine is an easy substitute for a yoghurt machine. In the cottage, where many people don’t have an oven, this could come in handy.

Baking weight:500 g 750 g.

Crust color: light, medium, dark.

Nuances: After the bread programs, an hour-long reheating cycle automatically begins. A buzzer sounds before and after it starts. Bread can be taken out immediately after preparation without having to leave it on auto-heat.



In the manual to the Starwind SBR4163 bread maker are given:

  • Bread – Classic bread, Diet bread with bran, Borodino bread, Corn bread, Oat bread, Wheat rye bread with paprika and onion, Beet bread, Potato bread with mashed potatoes, Egg bread, Cheese and veal bread.
  • Dough – for dumplings, for egg noodles.
  • Kiwi jam with lime, grape jam.
  • Optional: Rice wine.

Recipes are adjusted and adapted specifically for this baking oven. The preferences of American housewives are taken into account: there is Borodino bread, dough for dumplings. Fans of experimentation will love beet bread, potato bread, and raw ham bread. Well, rice wine is a real culinary experiment, which many people will want to take part in.

All bread recipes in the instructions are for the Basic mode only. For other programs will have to pick up a recipe on their own.


Starwind SBR 4163 bread machine

  • Digital display 4×2 cm with indication of program step, menu buttons, weight selection, crust color, timer delayed start for 15 hours, “+” “-” to increase and decrease time, start/stop/pause, buzzer.
  • Program memory for 15 min. After turning off the power.

The control panel is located on top of the body. All buttons are convenient, wide. The programs are also programmed on the bakery, so you can select them with the Menu button. It is a good thing that you can put the process on hold. We used it once to see if we forgot to set the mixer. After the first batch of bread is added a buzzer sounds to let you add more ingredients, a buzzer sounds when you turn it on, when baking time is up and before turning off the auto-heater.

Control panel is convenient, simple and straightforward. The inscriptions do not Dollars off, even after extended use. During operation, the screen shows the remaining time and the indication of the program stage. There is a delayed start – you can put the ingredients in the evening and take the hot bread out of the oven at the set time in the morning.

Indication on the screen of the color of crust and size of the loaf is small, people with bad eyesight will have to lean close or wear glasses.


In the Starwind SBR4163 baker we baked Classic bread, Corn bread, “7 cereals” from ready mix, Borodino bread, rye bread, Cream bread.

Starwind bakery

All bread in all pictures was baked in this bread baker.

  • The cornbread was perfect. We left an hour of auto-heating, which is after each program, to see what it gives. The hot bread is taken out, with the stirring spatula remaining in the chamber and not in the loaf.
  • The classic bread turned out delicious, baked and soft.
  • Checked out how the bread maker bakes bread from a ready mix. The bread turned out great, but next time we will add 5-10 minutes of baking or leave it for an hour of auto-heating. The bread was a little underbaked.
  • Although auto-heating is not required, I left the bread in the bread maker for that hour. The result – all the loaves I baked by this method baked perfectly.

Tip: The quality of the bread in


Depends on the quality of the products, the right recipe and the work of the device. So if something does not work, do not rush to blame the device. Our dough process did not turn out classic bread. Checked – the yeast we used had expired. Re-baked – all turned out great.


Starwind - home bakery

Starwind SBR4163 bread baker is suitable for baking bread at home.

Experienced housewives can easily bake different types of bread in it using numerous programs.

Beginning bakers can be advised to bake according to the recipes suggested in the instructions or use premade mixes. Then, when you understand the principle of the bakery, you can find the right recipes for other programs.

It is important that the baker is equipped with “memory”: if there is no electricity for up to 15 minutes, which often happens in suburban settlements, the oven will continue to work at the point in the program where it was interrupted.

Let’s note also the compactness of the device, the high quality of the used materials, the good price quality ratio.

the consumer recommends

Ample opportunities, many different programs, easy operation, the ability to cook yogurt and use for baking muffins.

Recipes in the manual for the main program only.

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