Star Wars. Episode 4K: The JVC DLA-Z1, the world’s first THX 4K DISPLAY certified projector!

The company JVC, the world market leader in Hi-End cinema projectors, and GC DIGIS, the exclusive distributor of JVC solutions for home cinema, are proud to inform fans of elite cinema projectors with JVC DLA-Z1 certificate THX 4K DISPLAY.

Video projectors

JVC DLA-Z1 video projector

The JVC DLA-Z1 projector was introduced to the global and American markets in the fall of 2016 and is currently the top model in JVC’s cinema lineup. Among its “star” merits:

– original 4K resolution, allowing you to display the most up-to-date content with the highest level of detail

– D-ILA technology, which guarantees industry record contrast and black quality

– 3,000 ANSI lumens luminous flux, allowing you to realize not only the certified brightness level of traditional Blu-ray content, but also the brightness of extreme Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD video scenes – and this is a serious parameter of perceptual fidelity

– full support for current HDR standards, including HDR10 for optical disc content, and HLG for live HDR content

– ITU-R BT extended color gamut support.2020, which far exceeds the standard Blu-ray color gamut and provides the projector owner with bright, saturated tones that are close to natural

– laser light source, dramatically improves contrast and color image stability, as well as increasing the resource to tens of thousands of hours

…and more.


What THX’s attention to the DLA-Z1 actually means in practice? THX, a cinema standards company, has stringent requirements not only for the accuracy of color management and the ability to adjust the settings to the latest standards. The bar is even higher: a projector designed for the THX Class Home Theater must demonstrate the ultimate image parameters – so that the most complex scenes look realistic not only from the expert’s point of view, but also from the director’s.

THX 4K DISPLAY certification goes even further, analyzing the “clarity” and real perceived detail of the ultra-high-definition image. In other words, checking the compliance of the parameters and technologies, declared by the manufacturer, to the characteristics of the real image. Simply put: Whether a projector’s display or matrix can realize the potential of the content. Whether it’s easy to “win” a certificate with more than words?

Video technology

Very simple: pass the 400 THX lab tests, then the projector’s menu will display the coveted “THX” mode, which you don’t need to set up. Just turn it on, watch and enjoy.

Congratulations to JVC on its victory!

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  1. Marigold

    Is the JVC DLA-Z1 projector really worth it? I’m in the market for a new 4K display, but I want to make sure it’s worth the investment. Has anyone had experience with this projector? How does it compare to other 4K projectors on the market?

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