Stadler Form Kettle Ten SFK review.8080


Full set of functions, classical design, fast boiling, big volume.

Drinking technology

The presence of a low temperature mode would be convenient for the preparation of infant formulas.

Electric kettles

Kettle Stadler Form Kettle Ten SFK.8080


POWER: 2400 Watt.

VOLUME 1,8 l.

CONTROL: LCD display showing the remaining time to reach the desired temperature, adjustable heating – 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100 ° C, the function to maintain the set temperature.

CONSTRUCTION: stainless steel housing, base with control panel and display, 360 ° rotation on the base, closed heating element, two-way scale water level, removable mesh filter made of metal, button to open the lid, compartment for the cord.

SAFETY: auto shut-off, protection against turning on without water and overheating, audible alarm when the set temperature is reached.

COLOR: stainless steel.

DIMENSIONS: 135x180x255 mm. WEIGHT: 1,7 kg.


WARRANTY: 1 year.


Display shows preset and current temperature settings and time to end of heating. The user can simply boil water or select one of five temperature settings 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100 ° C for brewing different types of tea. The function of keeping warm allows you to keep a set temperature of water for 20 minutes, and this mode is not automatic, and activated by a special button.

Price: 6990 Dollars.

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