STADLER FORM Blender One SFB Immersion Blender Test.500

Immersion blender with mini-shredder

Main features

POWER: max 750 Watt.

MODES: 2 speeds.

FUNCTIONS: blending, chopping, whipping.

CONSTRUCTION: plastic housing, ergonomic non-slip handle, 150 cm long spiral cable, illuminated buttons. Double blender blade.

INGREDIENTS: blender, whisk, blending pail 1 L with anti-slip base, blender with lid and wing blade.

DIMENSIONS: body length with blender part – 380 mm.


WARRANTY: 1 year.



The shape of the handle and the grip is one of the most comfortable among the tested models, the handle fits snugly in your hand and the buttons for 1 and 2 speeds are right under your thumb. At the same time, the buttons do not respond if touched accidentally or even lightly up to 1 mm – this is safe. Buttons are not tight, they are easy to push and must be held when operating.

This is the only model in the test, which has a spiral cable stretching: this design is most convenient for compact storage, while the cord length of 150 cm allows you to work quite far from the socket.

Attachment of nozzles is smooth, without latches, buttons and efforts: align drawings on the body and the nozzle and turn by 1 cm – it’s done!

No lockout.

Note that the blender operates with an average noise level, it can be much louder!


The model has 2 speeds and no pulse mode, but this does not affect the quality of work.

Additional features not tested : chopping nuts, cheese, herbs, breadcrumbs, coffee and spices in the mini-shredder, mixing and whipping products in a graduated cup of 1 liter.


Vegetables. The first time I got an elastic and homogeneous mass, it was smooth and very fluffy. With great difficulty we could see 2-3 “grits” of potatoes in it, which is perfectly normal.

Milkshake with frozen strawberries. In the near perfect smoothie consistency, which also came out the first time, we found a half berry. You should agree that this is even more exquisite. Otherwise it was perfect, a smooth and airy smoothie.

Protein. Excellent results, almost a record: the foam rose to a height of 37 mm, but the main thing is the consistency: homogeneous and “strong”. This protein did not settle or flake for quite a long time.


The shape of the blade is usual, double, but even the naked eye can see the unusual angle of sharpening – perhaps it ensures the work with ingredients in several planes, and hence such a brilliant results of the blender, literally and figuratively.

Food processing

Excellent quality of work, comfortable handle, spiral wire, easy attachment of nozzles.

Stadler Form

No blocking.


Stadler Form

Stadler Form

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