Speaker System 2.0 SVEN SPS – 619 GOLD: tanks were rumbling on the field… I never thought that a smartphone would bang in these speakers..

Slowly looking for a speaker system for my laptop. Why sluggish? I just have a powerful system, but in the morning watching the news, I do not want to turn on this monster. And the sound quality of plastic ugly things, which offers us trade, I’m not satisfied. And the big speakers won’t fit in my bureau. And if you connect the notebook to the system, the whole family will get tangled in the wires. Ah … And here in the editorial office I saw this system. Borrowed it from my boss to try it out. Here’s what we got.

Shelf acoustics

Speaker System 2.0 SVEN SPS – 619 GOLD

The delivery set

Glossy white box with stylized blue cross and golden SVEN inscription, hints at Finnish roots of the company. Inside we find, of course, manual and warranty card for 12 months from the date of sale. Besides that, speakers themselves – active and passive.

And, to top it all off, the cords to go with them. They are connected elementary – mini-jack into the headset jack, network cable into the socket. It is controlled from the active speaker – it has two knobs on the side volume and tweeter , indicator-light POWER and headphones output. For what there is a headphone output, I do not understand, it is easier to remove the mini-jack and plug the headphones in its place. Obviously this option for owners of stationary systems.


We should mention the design of this set separately. The set has an interesting design – the speakers are decorated with gold. No matter what happens in the world, gold is always in fashion and value. No, the gold is not real, of course, but it looks great. Speakers have no grills, but they are framed with gold frames.

I think that they were deprived of grills just for the purpose of imposing a gold frame. The SVEN inscription is also made in gold. But it should be noted that this does not look kitschy, but gives the product a special charm – gold against a background of glossy black. I’m satisfied with them, they even decorated my workplace.

Classic rectangular black lacquered wood cabinets, glossy black plastic front bezel, all this is a great backdrop for the gold trim on the speakers. Enclosures are made of MDF, styled as ebony. The styling is high quality, the wood grain looks perfect, all seams are fitted, no warping. This is not only a design but also an engineering feat.

MDF is essentially wood, which allows you to dampen the various sound distortions associated with the physical laws of sound wave propagation in confined spaces. In theory, the sound should be cleaner and more natural, but we will hear it after turning it on.

But back to design. Gold trim emphasises the lines of the speakers and blends perfectly with the black cones. Well, the design is a success and the speakers are very stylish. In any interior, this system will not only look stylish, but also harmonious.


So, we took the speaker system out of the package, evaluated and admired its design, now it’s time to look at what it can do. Let’s start with the back panel.

On the back of the active with built-in amplifier speaker has a mechanical on/off button, a fixed network cable and 2 speaker cables. Both are stationary. The first speaker cable is for connection to the second, passive speaker.

The second speaker cable is for connecting to the sound source, in my case a laptop. It ends with a mini-jack. On a passive speaker, only the incoming fixed speaker cable. At first I didn’t like that this cable is stationary, but after thinking about it, I realized I was wrong.

It’s long enough to put the speakers at a decent 2 meters distance from each other. We shouldn’t forget that by its nature it’s a decorative shelf speaker and is usually placed on a computer desk or on a nearby shelf.

Except for mini-jack there is no other input, and to connect the speaker system to the sound source, for example to the DVD player or CD-transport equipped with RCA connectors “tunnelpan” , you will have to buy an adapter.

Also on the back of the speakers we can see the bass inverters. The bass inverters are straight, not tapered, about 2.5 cm in diameter and 5 cm long.

On the side of the active speaker are the controls. There’s a volume knob and a tone knob. Here is also a power LED and a headphone output, but we have already written about it above.

The full range speakers come with mylar tweeters, which is unusual for a set-top box and should widen the frequency range. The diameter of the tweeters is 25 mm, the woofers are 76 mm.

Audio equipment



Characteristics and units

The value is

Output power RMS , W

20 2 h 10

Frequency range, Hz

70 – 22 000

Speaker size, mm

HF speakers


Diameter 25

Diameter is 76

Power supply voltage, V


Dimensions one speaker WxHxD , mm

115 x 200 x 130

Weight, kg


The price is average

1260 Dollars

Turning on

Plugged in, turned on. No parasitic noises were detected, so I was a bit surprised. Let’s start with the music. Sounds quite good, but it lacks a lot of bass, subjective sensations. But, overall, the sound is not annoying, the sound stage is excellent. Sounds like a good late 80’s or early 90’s stereo music center, something close to Sanyo C35 or Sharp GF – 939.Now my personal impressions.

First, the laptop, of course, was plugged in. I clicked on the first track I found. It was “Nagasaki Girl” by Gemma Khalid. Normally I listen to music with my headphones on so as not to disturb others. And I listened to this composition more than once with the same Panasonic headphones, RP HT260 model. But now, a long-known song is sounding in a new way.

The high frequencies appeared, the bells sounded, the percussion cymbals sprinkled with beads, the bass sounded resiliently. I wasn’t expecting any bass at all, but here it sounded so cold. The scene was perfectly matched, it seemed that Gemma Khalid was singing exclusively for me.

It reminded me of the late 80’s, when I, as a schoolboy, first heard the sound of the legendary Sharp 777. At home I had, like the manufacturer claims, the best equipment in the world – UCU 17 and 35 speakers, turntable Arcturus. But 777 sounded so that I didn’t want to use the best equipment, I just wanted to listen to it and listen. The Magic of Sharp. But we were distracted. I decided to listen to it again. This time I tried to change the timbre. The tone wheel was very sensitive and really changed the sound. Then I decided to listen to the guitar.

When listening to Carlos Santana’s guitar concert with Rob Thomas I noticed the presence effect, the guitar sounded quite natural. I decided to complicate the task – Deep Purple, Woman from Tokyo. Found a live recording from 2002. I heard something inaudible coming out of my speakers, like transistor radio… Got frustrated, but after thinking about it I found a recording from 1973.

Again, the acoustics are excellent! The guitar sounds right, the drums ring and the bass works firmly… Yes, a lot depends on the sound engineer. Well, enough with the music, let’s listen to the Internet radio. No rattling at high volume. Listening to the news you don’t have to strain your ears, the announcer’s voice sounds natural, without any distortion. But in this mode you don’t need any extravagances, the main thing is to transmit the sound without any distortions. This acoustic from Sven handled with flying colors.

Let’s watch a movie? When watching a movie through the beech, the battle scenes sound clear. But it should be taken into account that the speakers are located one meter from the listener, but if the distance is more than 2.5 meters, the sound quality will be lost. Conclusion – as a home theater is not suitable.

In the game, to be honest, did not play, but my son was pleased with the sound, his favorite tanchiki rumbling in the room, scaring his wife gunshots. Shell casings were falling on the metal floor quite naturally, tinkling and rolling around. We must pay tribute to the developers of the game – their sound engineers are great!! The room size is 14 square meters.

Let’s change the gadget. Next in turn is a cell phone, a smartphone from Samsung. I never thought that cell phone could sound like that! Outdated, I guess, I can’t keep up with modern technology. Acoustics gave out the whole palette of sound.

Measurements showed that the declared parameters are close to the real ones. The speakers start to play around 90 – 110 Hz, the decay starts after 15 kHz, but it’s not very significant. The unevenness is up to 4 dB, which is not critical.


These speakers are great for a small room, but as a computer speaker it is perfect, one of the best in its price class. The ideal distance for comfortable listening so as not to lose the bass – 1-1,5 meters.

The sound is quite comfortable, neither repulsive nor irritating. As a result, it is possible to say that Sven 619 Gold quite justifies the money I spent for it. Small decorative speakers provide good quality sound that will satisfy most users. And the modern design with gold color inlays shows that even decorative models can and should be beautiful.

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