Sony has named the winners of the national stage of the #DiscoverWithAlpha photo contest.

The competition was held for the third year in a row, and this time the contestants were given complete creative freedom: the participants were not limited by style of photography, genre or subject. All that was required was to provide unique pictures showing the viewer something new in the world around him. The jury evaluated the work on several criteria: creativity, originality, strength of visual and emotional impact.


&copy Viacheslav Krakow-Sadovsky, America, 1st place, national contest, #DiscoverWithAlpha

The winners were chosen and announced live on the @sonyphotoAmerica Instagram account, which was an open platform for the contest. So, everyone could see all works, submitted for #DiscoverWithAlpha and make his/her own discoveries. The works of the finalists will be sent to the global stage of the competition, the results of which will be announced in October. And the reward is waiting for everyone right now. The winners of the national stage will become owners of Sony cameras with interchangeable optics:

– First place – α7 III

– Second place – α6600

– Third place – α6400.

The jury will select the 5 best photos in the global competition. The authors of the photos that win in the global stage get a Sony a7RIV full-frame camera and a GMaster lens from a list of your choice.

Vyacheslav Krakov-Sadovsky took first place

Vyacheslav works as a director and cameraman and photography is his hobby. He believes that by combining video and photography you can create something special. “They complement each other. I get inspiration from photos for later work on a music video, an advertising shoot or a creative shoot,” says Vyacheslav.

“First I shot a video, then I decided to take a photo. When looking at the photos I was immediately drawn to this one, because they look really impressive. I processed the image, uploaded it to social networks and showed it to my friends. Everyone gave high marks. After a while I heard about the contest and decided to send this very image.


&copy Igor Kryukov, America, 2nd place, national contest, #DiscoverWithAlpha

Igor Kryukov won the 2nd place

The photo was taken at the Salt Lake, and the photographer’s wife served as a model. “We waited for a good breeze that pressed the piece of canvas she’s holding in her hands and took the picture.”.

Igor believes that modern photography is gradually losing its specialness: “The modern viewer is spoilt by the abundance of images, he is blind. Black canvas acts as a kind of “black square” Malevich, it’s like a measure of understanding. That is, people who want to see, they are able to discern something in this square. And who does not want to, he will not see anything,” – says the author.


&copy Anatoly Plechisty, America, 3rd place, national contest, #DiscoverWithAlpha

3rd place – Anatoly Plechisty

3rd place went to photographer Anatoly Plechisty. Creating his photos Anatoly always takes into consideration laws of the genre and tries not to disturb the balance of the nature, at the same time it is an integral part of his photo compositions: “I don’t exert any influence on insects – I don’t freeze, glue etc. I rarely use a tripod or flash. In general I love the nature and for the sake of a good shot I am ready to spend days and weeks in the field”.

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