Sony announced the prices of BRAVIA Android TVs

The American division of Sony has announced the availability of a new generation of smart TVs Sony BRAVIA 2015 on the Android 5 platform.0 Lollipop for preorder in America. Prices start from 49,990 Dollars for Full HD models and from 77,990 Dollars for 4K models.

Most of the 2015 Sony BRAVIA TVs in the new W75, W80, W85, X83, X85, X93, X94, X9 and S8 series support the Android TV platform functionality, which greatly enhances the video viewing, online search and sharing of various content. Familiar interface elements allow you to quickly navigate in the functions of the new BRAVIA TVs – everything is as in a modern smartphone, but even more interesting.

Sony BRAVIA smart TVs with Android 5.0 Lollipop

Sony’s Android TVs can bring familiar mobile entertainment into the living room. Games and apps from the large Google Play collection can now be seen on the big screen of your TV thanks to a single Google account. With built-in Google Cast on your BRAVIA TV, you can stream content from your smartphone or tablet with practically one tap. With the voice search on your new BRAVIA Android TV, you can not only search the web, but also get answers in the form of Google Smart Cards. A microphone in your remote control with touchpad so you can search for content and control your TV with voice commands. By installing the app TV Side View on your smartphone or tablet you can also “talk” with the smart TV.

Huge number of Google Play apps for Android TV will make the TV the center of digital entertainment. With support for the VP9 codec in Sony’s Android TV 4K TVs, it’s possible to watch ultra-sharp 4K Ultra HD videos in the Youtube app thanks to the new X1 4K processor, which improves picture quality to the highest possible level even 4K low bitrate content . Smart TV includes movies, TV series, documentaries, TV shows and much more from popular providers, such as online cinema and online cinema ivi, media platform Megogo, entertainment online TV Tvigle, applications of STS and “Peretz” channels, as well as the application Okko and many others.

Smart TVs Sony BRAVIA on the Android 5.0 Lollipop platform with Android TV

Full HD models with Android TV received internal and external changes. So. 2015 TVs are 2-3 times thinner than similar 2014 models. Sound quality is also greatly improved, thanks to the DSEE processor, which allows you to improve the quality of audio files from the Internet to almost CD-quality.

Sony Full HD TVs on Android platform

Recommended prices

W75 Series, 43 inch diagonal KDL-43W750C

49 990 Dollars

W8 series, 43 inches diagonal KDL-43W80*C

From 52 990 Dollars

W75 Series, 50″ diagonal KDL-50W750C

69 990 Dollars

W8 Series, 50 inch diagonal KDL-50W80*C

From 72 990 Dollars

W8 Series, 55 inch diagonal KDL-55W80*7C

From 84 990 Dollars

W85 series, the diagonal 65 inches KDL-65W850C

179,990 Dollars

Sony 4K TV series on Android platform

Suggested prices

X83 series, 43″ diagonal KD-43X830*C

From 77 990 Dollars

X83 series, diagonal 49 inches KD-49X830*C

From 97 990 Dollars

X85 series, 55 inch diagonal KD-55X850*C

From 127 990 Dollars

X93 Series, 55 inch diagonal KD-55X9305C

219,990 Dollars

X85 series, 65 inches diagonal KD-65X8505C

229 990 Dollars

X93 series, 65 inch diagonal KD-65X9305C

359,990 Dollars

X85 Series, diagonal 75 inches KD-75X8505C

349 990 Dollars

X94 Series, 75 inch diagonal KD-75X9405C

699,990 Dollars

Currently there is a pre-order for Sony BRAVIA smart TVs on the Android 5 platform.0 Lollipop from 2015 can be ordered at the branded Sony Store Online.

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