Software update version 1.02 for the PENTAX K-1 Mark II

Ricoh introduces a new firmware version 1.02 for the PENTAX K-1 Mark II SLR digital camera. New software version improves overall camera performance and stability.

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Software upgrade instructions.

1. Prepare a formatted SD memory card to write the software update. Software update file is an archive. Unpacking the archive will create the file: fwdc240b.bin. Copy the software update file fwdc240b.bin to the root directory of the prepared memory card.

2. Insert the battery D-LI90 in the camera and make sure that the battery indicator shows a full charge, turn the camera off

3. Insert the prepared SD memory card as described in Step 1 into the SD1 slot

4. Press and hold the MENU button while loading the software update

5. The message “Updates the camera firmware” will appear on the LCD. Current version and version update will be displayed. 1.00→ 1.02. Use the four-way controller to select “Start” and press the OK button.

6. NOW LOADING” will flash on the screen and the update process will start. Do not turn the camera off until the update is complete.

7. Once the update process is complete, “COMPLETE” will appear on the display. After this message appears, turn the camera off

8. Check the internal software version, press the MENU button and select [Firmware Info/Option] menu under [Settings Set-up 4 ], press the right button of the four-button joystick.

9.Remove the memory card from the camera. Delete the file containing the software update by completely formatting the memory card before shooting.


The new firmware version can be found on the Ricoh website under Support:

Flash Version 1.02 for PENTAX K-1 Mark II – download

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