Smile HS 7526 hair straightener test

The body has a rounded shape, making it a 2-in-1 styler that can be successfully used for both straightening and curling. The outer parts of the case heats up quite a lot, even at minimum operating temperature. On the top of the body there are small holes that allow the escape of hot air and contribute to efficient curling.


Smile HS 7526 hair straightener


POWER: 55 Watt.

CONTROL: button on, 6 temperature modes 135-210 ° C , LED-display with light indication of temperature modes, no voltage switch.

SAFETY: auto shut-off.

CONSTRUCTION: spring-loaded ceramic plates, plate length 110 mm, cord length 180 cm, swivel cord fastening, fixation when closed, loop for hanging, rounded shape of the housing.

FITTING: none.

WARRANTY: 1 year, lifetime: 2 years.


PRICE: 1260 Dollars.


Hair straighteners


The length of the ceramic plates is slightly longer than standard – not 90, but 110 mm. This is very useful for those who have long and thick hair.

The shape of the body is rounded, which makes it a 2-in-1 styler that can be used successfully both for straightening and curling. Exterior parts of the housing become quite hot, even at minimum operating temperature. Small openings on the top of the body ensure the escape of hot air and promote efficient curling.

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Elementary: it is necessary to switch on the device and with the help of buttons “+” and “-” to set one of the 6 temperature modes. No button locks, so you have to be careful not to touch them when you work so as not to disturb the setting. Light indication of modes on the display is very clear and bright, but the font numbers are small. First the maximum temperature display lights up, and then you have to select the desired mode by pressing the “-” button. If this is not done immediately, the plates become too hot and you have to wait for them to cool down.

User manual promises heating in 1.5 minutes. We did the test and found out that the maximum temperature is reached in exactly 90 seconds. The plates heat up to the minimum working temperature faster, in about a minute.

The nag

It says in the box that the temperature range – 155-230 ° C, on the device – 135-210 ° C, in the manual, we found these two phrases: 1 “… on it the display – approx. ed. “will show the maximum temperature of the working plates 210 ° C” 2 “set the desired temperature of the working plates in the range from 155 to 230 ° C”. In addition, there is a separate paragraph “Temperature mode”, which indicates the range of 155-230 ° C.

Manufacturer’s comments: The correct range is 135-210 ° C.

Nowhere in the manual does it say that there is an auto shut off, and on the box it says that this feature is available, but it does not say after how long the auto shut off should happen. We decided to test it and left the device on for 1.5 hours. Checked – off.

Too bad there is no voltage switch: the tongs only work on 220-240V.


There is a large and convenient loop for hanging – nice that such a necessary detail is provided. Mechanical lock at the base of the case locks the plates in the closed position. The cord on the swivel mount rotates 360° and does not twist. Standard cord length – 180 cm.

The plates are well sprung, which should provide even pressure on the hair and minimize the risk of local overheating.


Among the women we tested there was a very capricious girl with long, very thick and slightly curly hair and this was the device she was most pleased with, she liked the increased length of the plates and the high temperature mode. Everyone else just noted the good straightening and gliding of the plates on the hair.

2-in-1 device straightening and curling , automatic shut-off, large temperature range, extended spring-loaded plates, large loop.

No ionization, voltage switching, thermal sheath. Confusion in the instructions hopefully the manufacturer will fix this .

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