SMEG washing machines: gentle washing programs

The Smeg range

introduces ten new washing machines, combining technological innovation with Italian design style.


The displays have been improved and allow the user to set programs through the LCD touch screen or intuitive LED displays.

New washing machines have excellent power and performance characteristics, loading up to 11 kg, as well as achieve excellent energy efficiency A +++ and save from 10% to 50% of energy.

Highest energy efficiency is possible thanks to the inverter-driven motor.

This technology gives the appliance the ability to gently process fibers, which guarantees maximum preservation of clothing fabric.

In addition to the standard options, washing machines are equipped with additional programs that provide significant time savings.

  • The addition of steam will freshen fabrics and destroy allergens more effectively than water
  • The easy ironing function, which is activated during all the washing phases, prevents creasing and facilitates further ironing.
  • The Woolmark program for wool, certified by the company’s quality label, is designed for washing woolen items, suitable for hand or machine washing.
  • Washing cycle at 20°C which gives the same results as the 40°C cycle, while maintaining a brighter color of the garments and protecting them from wear and tear.

Washing machines Smeg redistribute load inside the basket in case of imbalance detected. They also reduce water consumption according to the type and quantity of laundry loaded.

They can be programmed for a delayed start of up to 24 hours and also have locking controls.

Smeg washing machines

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